Tin Cloth Shooting Bag

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Three Tin Cloth bellows pockets, one with blood-proof liner, attached to a 2.5cm-wide saddle-grade Bridle Leather belt Jump to Details

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Our water-repellent shooting bag features three expandable pockets attached to a 2.5cm-wide Bridle Leather belt. The rear pocket has a blood-proof liner for small game.

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15-oz. oil finish Tin Cloth + Bridle Leather


Shooting, Hunting


Do not wash or dry clean – brush or wipe clean with a damp rag. Rewax as needed to maintain maximum water resistance. To prevent the transfer of oils, we recommend avoiding prolonged contact between Filson oil finish goods and light-colored fabrics, especially in warm weather.


Made in USA with imported material


  • Rear pocket is nylon-lined
  • Durable 2.5cm-wide Bridle Leather belt
  • Front pockets measure 25cm W x 23cm H x 4cm D; back pocket measures 28cm W x 25cm H x 6cm D
  • Front pockets each carry a box of shells, rear pocket can carry smaller game birds
  • A versatile warm-weather alternative to a shooting or hunting vest
Oil Finish Tin Cloth

Our Toughest Waxed Canvas

Born from the need to protect against thorns and briars in the rain-soaked Pacific Northwest, Filson’s 15-oz. oil finish Tin Cloth is relied on by loggers, foresters, sportsmen and tradesmen. To create our iconic fabric, a tightly woven canvas duck fabric is saturated with a liquefied paraffin wax and oil mixture under heat and high pressure, forcing the wax into the core of the all-natural cotton fibers. Our toughest waxed cotton fabric, oil finish Tin Cloth resists tears, punctures, water and wind for heavy-duty reliability.

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