Rugged Twill Scoped Gun Case

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This Rugged Twill gun case is lined with flannel and holds scoped firearms up to 50" long. Jump to Details

Item No. 11070057

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Our abrasion-resistant Rugged Twill fabric gun case has a leather nose lining for added protection. It's fully lined with cotton flannel, to protect your firearm against scratches and wick moisture away to protect it from rusting. The solid brass zipper closure custom cut at Filson runs 3/4 of the length of the case, for full access into the interior. Bridle Leather accents and carrying strap add to the longevity of this protective hunting accessory.

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100% cotton Rugged Twill + 8-oz. cotton flannel lining + leather + Bridle Leather


1.16M, 1.21M or 1.27M length firearm; 26cm at widest point


Hunting, Shooting, Field


Wipe or brush clean


Made in USA with imported material


  • Solid brass zipper closure is custom cut at Filson
  • Wear-resistant leather overlay in nose
  • Removable Bridle Leather carrying strap attaches via D-ring for ease of carrying
  • Holds up to 1.27M length firearm
  • Made with abrasion-resistant Rugged Twill
  • An additional 2-3 days processing and handling time is required on all items that contain wildlife materials.
  • Due to federal regulation of wildlife exportation, this product can only be shipped to addresses within the 50 U.S. states.
Rugged Twill

Industrial-Strength Cotton Twill

Designed and woven exclusively for Filson, Rugged Twill is our most durable, hard-wearing luggage fabric. The industrial-strength cotton is tightly woven in a 2-ply x 3-ply twill and lightly waxed for lasting protection against abrasion and wet weather. Some of our customers’ Rugged Twill luggage pieces have travelled over a million miles with nothing more than a few hard-earned scuffs to show for it.

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