Rugged Twill Belt Pouch

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A tear-resistant pouch with saddle-grade Bridle Leather loops for sliding onto a 5cm-wide belt Jump to Details

Item No. 11016031


Product Details


This tear-resistant pouch slides onto a 5cm-wide belt and has dual compartments for live and spent shells. Saddle-grade Bridle Leather loops add durability.

Item No.



22-oz. 100% cotton Rugged Twill + Bridle Leather


20cm W x 20cm H x 10cm D

Product Weight

8 oz


Shooting, Hunting


Wipe or brush clean


Made in USA with imported material


  • Fits onto a 5cm-wide belt
  • Dual compartments for live and spent shells
  • Made of water-resistant, tear-resistant, industrial-strength twill
Rugged Twill

Industrial-Strength Cotton Twill

Designed and woven exclusively for Filson, Rugged Twill is our most durable, hard-wearing luggage fabric. The industrial-strength cotton is tightly woven in a 2-ply x 3-ply twill and lightly waxed for lasting protection against abrasion and wet weather. Some of our customers’ Rugged Twill luggage pieces have travelled over a million miles with nothing more than a few hard-earned scuffs to show for it.

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