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Matt and James
James Barrington (left) and Matt Davis (right) are the owners of Wood Shop BBQ in Seattle. They are both friends of Filson and have catered numerous events for us, including our upcoming Father's Day BBQ Bash. We recently went over to the Shop to swap stories and talk BBQ. 

How did you get into BBQ?

Matt: My folks owned a furniture store right next door to the local BBQ joint where I grew up in central Kansas. It was a typical rural town, not many people there. I used to scrape together money doing odd jobs as a kid so I could buy BBQ sandwiches from the restaurant, so I guess that’s where my interest began. In my former life I traveled a lot for work and was always popping into every BBQ shop...

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bottles of whiskey at the bar
Seattle's Westland Distillery has made a name for itself by focusing on creating spirits that are a representation of it's Pacific Northwest roots. While much of whiskey in America trends towards corn-based bourbon, Westland has chosen to work with barley, a crop that is tradiontionaly grown in the PNW.  That barley, combined with the climate and water quality of the region, have lended themselves to making award-winning single malt whiskey.  While still using many of the old world processes of distillation, Westland is not out to recreate Scotch whiskey, but instead to make a spirit that helps to define and expand what is possible for American single malt whiskey.

racks of whiskey casks
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Filson CEO Alan Kirk invites Cool Hunting in for a first look at our new global headquarters.Take an unique peek behind the scenes of our new 57,400 square-foot manufacturing facility and office space, and learn how and where your favorite products are crafted. Filson has been manufacturing garments in Seattle with integrity since 1897.Full Story on Cool Hunting.
Today is a big day around Filson HQ. Mostly because “around Filson HQ” took on an entirely new meaning as of this morning, when we unveiled our state-of-the-art Seattle headquarters and manufacturing facility.The new 57,400 square-foot factory, showroom and corporate headquarters is in a converted warehouse downtown, two blocks away from Safeco Field. It’s a massive space, with wrought iron beams, dark wood floors, and tons of light. The layout even features interior windows so the new luggage and bag factory is visible from all areas of the first floor.We’ve been manufacturing in Seattle since 1897, and while we’re keeping our apparel factory open a few blocks away, this new facility is our...Read More
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