Last of the Season: Celebrating the Waterfowl Ender with Kyle Johnson

FilsonLife_Duckhunt-3204Kyle Johnson is a 30 year old editorial and commercial photographer hailing from the Pacific Northwest. During the ending days of the waterfowl season, Kyle and his good friend Jerry Patty were able to rise before the sun and give it one last go in Carnation, WA. Below, Jerry reflects on a family hunting tradition as the season comes to an end.FilsonLife_Duckhunt-3316Filson_Ducks-3035For me, duck hunting is much more than a hobby, it is a way of life steeped in family tradition. As far back as we can trace, all the great men in my family were diehard bird hunters, conservationists, all outdoorsmen to the true letter of the word.FilsonLife_Duckhunt-3532
FilsonLife_Duckhunt-3358It means everything to me to carry on the tradition of my family, and do what I can to make a difference in the sport. Hunting today is a privilege, and I feel blessed to be able to participate in this amazing experience.Filson_Ducks-3508FilsonLife_Duckhunt-3467The mornings spent in the blind or in the field are why I am out there, the time spent with friends or family, the amazing birds we take. Never chasing limits or the tailgate photo, I am chasing after something much more simple. All I am after is the time spent outdoors, and the special feeling of being directly connected with your environment, seeing the things first hand we need to protect.FilsonLife_Duckhunt-3555FilsonLife_Duckhunt-3228FilsonLife_Duckhunt-3511FilsonLife_Duckhunt-3433FilsonLife_Duckhunt-3425FilsonLife_Duckhunt-3546