Unfailing Dads: R. Paul Hanson

Father’s Day is today and at Filson many of our employees wouldn’t be the outdoors enthusiasts they’ve become without the guidance of their Dad. Our fathers have endured many early mornings and painstaking days teaching us how to cast a fly rod, fell a tree, and to safely handle an over-and-under; and we couldn’t be more grateful. Chris H. is the manager of the Filson Restoration Department — which repairs and restores returned luggage and jackets — and wanted to share a story of the grandfather that introduced him to Filson many years ago.


My Grandpa, R. Paul Hanson, is a legacy of hard work and stubbornness. He wore a Filson Cruiser Vest every day while working for the Timber industry in Forks Washington through the seventies; storing pencils, a compass, notebooks and a measuring tape up front, and his lunch in the back. Growing up it was rare to see him without his Filson Belt and he always broke out his Mackinaw Cruiser when it got cold. I now manage the Filson Restoration Department and work heavily with the Leather Production team. It is through him that I was first introduced to the brand, and as I work each day to produce and improve the product I do so with him in mind. Happy Father’s Day Pappa. Thank you for being an Unfailing Dad.