Stetson for Filson: Langhorne Slim Interview and Spotify Playlist

black and white image of a man sitting in a chair wearing a dark cowboy hat, pants and long sleeve shirt playing a guitar

To celebrate the launch of the Stetson made for C.C. Filson Co. limited edition hats, we partnered with American singer-songwriter Langhorne Slim. Slim is a rambler, who has been traveling since his early twenties, but recently made Nashville, Tennessee his home. In between tours, we caught up with Slim to discuss his favorite haunts in Nashville, how he balances his life on the road, and some of his favorite up and coming artists. Enjoy Slim’s curated Spotify playlist, and make sure to catch him in person at our launch event in New York City on October 30th.


Filson: Give us a little of your back story. How’d you grow up? Where are you from?

Sim: I grew up in Pennsylvania in a small town outside of Philadelphia. My brother and I were raised by our mother and spent a lot of time with our grandparents. Our dad would come by most Sundays and take us back to Jersey to watch the Eagles play football. When I was a small kid, I remember dreaming of being older and playing music. I’m proud to say I’ve been able to achieve both of those dreams.

F: How many years have you been a touring and traveling playing music?

S: I started touring in my early 20s. I’m not great at math but that was a while ago.


F: What are your favorite places in Nashville and why are they so important to you and the community?

S: Fanny’s House of Music is my favorite guitar shop in town. A lot of people come here and go to the more famous spots, but Fanny’s is the pearl in the oyster. It’s run by these two amazing women, Pamela and Leigh, who love weird, old guitars and amps. It’s probably the only female-owned guitar shop I know. I find a lot of shops have a peculiar masculine vibe and energy (i.e., dudes shredding Metallica licks at full blast). Fanny’s doesn’t – it’s a house of love.

P.S. I like Metallica.

Grimey’s and Fond Object are my favorites for records. Mas Tacos, Smiling Elephant, Woodlands, and Two Ten Jack for food. Keep in mind, I’m a vegetarian living down south.


F: What do you love about Nashville, and the music community here?

S: It’s a very sweet place with a lot of kind, creative people. Reminds me of art school without the classes.


F: What up and coming bands are on your radar? 

S: I’ll name a few and surely forget a few more but here goes: I love Jonny Fritz, Josh Hedley, James Wallace (Skyway Man), The Lostines, Hurray for the Riff Raff, Twain, Christian Lee Hutson, C.W. Stoneking…and Lost Bayou Ramblers are one of my favorite bands ever.

Listen to the Stetson for Filson: Langhorne Slim Playlist on Spotify.