Motherhood: Jane Golliher

jane standing next to a fence with cattle and mountains in the background
Jane Golliher is a third generation rancher born and raised in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. She and her husband Grant own and run the Diamond Cross Ranch in Teton county where they have raised three children. We asked her to descibe, in her words, what it means to be a mother. This is what she had to say.

Motherhood is something you don’t really understand until you are one. And then suddenly you find yourself so in love with the special child or children that have been gifted to you to love, steward, disciple and dream with for a few short years.

old photographs of Jane's mother on a tack board
Children grow so fast and change quickly, and then one day, they are adults. The great news is they are still your children, and they become your friends, and even mentors, pointing the way and pulling you along to another level in your own life.

Portrait of Jane
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