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ALBERT LEWIS JOHNSON, ALSO KNOWN AS JIGGER JOHNSON, was a legendary logging foreman, trapper and fire warden for the U.S. Forest Services. Jigger’s rugged attitude and fearless determination was that of legend. Known for his many exploits like catching bobcats barehanded, drunken brawls and kicking the knots off of frozen hemlocks barefooted, Jigger was a true lumberjack.

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During his career as a logging foreman, Jigger wouldn’t hire anyone who wasn’t as tough as him and was regarded as a hard working boss who would pay his men high wages. Following his career as a logging foreman, Jigger found a profession as a fire warden for the USFS where he taught survival skills and enthralled young recruits with his rough tales as a logger. Jigger’s final job before his death was fur trapping. He set up post in New Hampshire and began catching as what many regarded as a one-man company. It was in these final days that Jigger established himself as the last true lumberjack.

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