Alone Together: Brian Merriam Travels the Loneliest Road in America

Brian Merriam - Black Canyon

Black Canyon of Gunnison

Brian Merriam is an artist and musician, currently devoting the majority of his time to film photography. Originally from upstate New York, he has resided in Brooklyn for the last 8 years. Join Brian and his girlfriend on a trip west across the loneliest road in America. 


“You can call me the breeze, I keep blowin’ down the road,” Ronnie Van Zandt drawled out of the speakers.


It was a fine Nevada afternoon on “the Loneliest Road in America.” That’s what Route 50 is called in that part of the country, or so I was told. Seemed accurate enough, but I was personally in great company. My girlfriend and I were a couple days into a 2 week road trip, and hadn’t encountered another vehicle in quite a stretch. Alone together.


The trip was more or less an attempt by us to get lost in America and find something strange along the way. We’d do a great job of both in the coming days.


The sunny miles passed and the hillsides changed colors. By evening we’d be in California. “Call us the breeze,” I thought to myself, and we blew on down the road.


Utah - Brian Merriam

Brian Merriam - Road

Brian Merriam - Travel

Great Basin National Park


The Darkest Sky in the US

Brian Merriam - Decrepit

Route 50

California Cowboys

Brian Merriam - Vista

Brian Merriam - Sunset Lake Tahoe