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Our 124-year legacy was born outfitting those bound for the inhospitable weather and terrain of the Alaskan Gold Rush. Filson dry bags exemplify our commitment to equip men and women with unfailing gear for the most demanding conditions. They’re engineered in Seattle and thoroughly tested by seasoned sportsmen and professional guides throughout the Pacific Northwest and Alaska. We put our dry bags through the ringer to ensure they deliver 100% waterproof protection, trip after trip.

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Our dry bags combine scientifically-advanced materials with state-of-the-art construction to ensure your gear stays dry, no matter what. They’re built with nylon tarpaulin TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) because it’s resistant to punctures, abrasion and the effects of UV light. The seams in our dry bags are radio-frequency (RF) welded, the same construction technique used in manufacturing whitewater rafts. This welding produces a durable and flexible bond that’s stronger than the original fabric.


Dry Roll Top Tote Bag

This top-loading tote is a great choice for hauling moderate-sized loads to the boat or campsite when hand-carry is the preferred option. It’s generous 28-liter capacity accommodates a weekend’s-worth of clothing that must be kept dry, and the removable shoulder strap affords hands-free carry for added convenience.

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Dry Backpack

This 28-liter backpack is easily carries a day’s worth of clothing and gear into the backcountry. With its traditional roll-top design cinched down, the closure is 100% waterproof, and its functional simplicity makes it absolutely reliable. The padded back panel and ergonomically-contoured shoulder straps deliver load-carrying comfort.

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Dry Waist Pack

Built for anglers and hunters for whenever hands-free carry with quick access to gear is required. The padded waist belt securely supports its 8-liter capacity, and TIZIP® zipper provides a waterproof seal. Equipped with a removable shoulder strap, shell loops on the waist belt, plus D-rings and webbing straps for attaching a net and additional gear.

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Dry Sling Pack

Designed with the angler in mind, the Dry Sling Pack is ideal when access to the gear on your back is a requirement and removing a backpack isn’t practical. Built with a 20-liter capacity and an extra-wide shoulder strap to carry it comfortably. With the side-stabilizing strap unclipped, the bag rotates to the front for easy access.

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Dry Bags

SMALL: The ideal bag for small loads. The 4.5-liter capacity is just right to keep a your wallet, phone, keys, watch cap and warm socks dry for when you get off the river. A few tucked inside a duffle keeps gear dry and organized. The buckled roll-top design is water-tight and can clipped into the boat.

LARGE: With a 28-liter capacity, this dry bag will keep a change of warm clothes dry and even a compressible sleeping bag dry, no matter how wet the conditions. Cinch the roll top down and secure it inside the boat, truck bed or on the back of an ATV. The removable shoulder strap allows hands-free carry.

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Backpack Dry Bag

With its removable hip belt, this backpack built for comfort and stability for hauling heavier loads in the wettest conditions. The waterproof zipper extends down the sides for visibility and easy access to the 26-liter main compartment. Shell loops on the hip belt and a clear exterior pocket make this pack a great option for hunters.

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Sportsman Dry Bag

With its removable and customizable padded insert, this 13-liter bag protects gear from water and impact. Optics, duck calls, hearing and eye protection, and electronics will be safe in the wettest conditions. The waterproof zipper provides full access and inside the lid is a clear pocket that’s ideal for maps or navigation devices.

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Medium Dry Duffle Bag

For extended weekends, this 54-liter duffle may be all you need to haul your gear and keep it dry. The proven roll-top closure with side-cinch straps ensures a waterproof seal and compresses the load.

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Large Dry Duffle Bag

Our largest dry bag, this 70-liter roll-top duffle is sized for extended trips or bulky gear. It’s generous capacity will carry as much gear as most would want to lift. Wide nylon-webbing handles encircle the bag to support the heaviest loads.

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Filson’s Dry Bags are an extensive and growing collection of waterproof bags built with the industry’s best materials and construction, engineered and tested to meet the demands of tough use in the world’s harshest conditions. While some were designed with features for specific outdoor pursuits, all are versatile enough for multi-purpose use – no matter where or how wet.


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