Westland Distillery: Seattle’s Source for Single Malt Whiskey

bottles of whiskey sitting on bar

Seattle’s Westland Distillery has made a name for itself by focusing on creating spirits that are a representation of it’s Pacific Northwest roots. While much of whiskey in America trends towards corn-based bourbon, Westland has chosen to work with barley, a crop that is traditionally grown in the PNW.  That barley, combined with the climate and water quality of the region, have lended themselves to making award-winning single malt whiskey.  While still using many of the old world processes of distillation, Westland is not out to recreate Scotch whiskey, but instead to make a spirit that helps to define and expand what is possible for American single malt whiskey.

racks of whiskey casks
Racks of aging whiskey casks.

barley samples
Samples of different malted barleys that Westland uses for making their whiskeys.

pot stills used in the distillation process
Westland’s custom-designed pot stills, made in Lousiville, KY.

whiskey tasting
Westland offers tours and tastings open to the public, register here.

the bar inside Westland Distillery
For more on Westland Distillery, visit them here, http://www.westlanddistillery.com/