Tradespeople & Artists

loggers standing on pile of cut trees guide hanging bundle of logs toward them with poles

The Filson community is full of carpenters, farmers, mechanics, welders, brewers, artists, & more. This is where we share their work.

Urban Timber Harvest

The beauty of a tree doesn’t have to end when its life does; the beauty can be preserved through sustainable cultivation into something meaningful. Urban Timber Harvest is a fully integrated urban lumber business (Harvest + Sawmill + Design + Build) offering clients a true tree to table experience.

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Brian M. Dudley – Gunstock Craftsman

“I was born and raised in Western New York, currently living in the Rochester, NY area. I am a gunsmith specializing in stock work and restoration/repair of firearms. My focus is in vintage sporting guns with an interest in SxS shotguns. I focus on historically accurate restoration work. As a general practice, I believe in doing things one way, and that is the right way.”

— Brian M. Dudley

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Cody’s Custom Creations

“I came across Cody’s art when a friend of mine posted a custom piece he had done on Instagram. I had to have one. Now I know why I had been saving all of my old license plates for the past decade. I received a striking wall piece that consisted of plates from my old fly fishing guide rigs, drift boat trailers and my wife’s car from when we were dating. Once you see one of his pieces, it will be hard to resist putting one on your wall.” — Geoff Samples, FILSON Wholesale Account Representative

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Cristina Maria Melito is an artist whose work is inspired by life on the ocean—her sculptures are filled with beauty drawn from the fabric of the sea itself.

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A family-owned, organic farm located in the Skagit Valley, approximately 1.5 hours north of Seattle. In their words, “The work is demanding, but we love taking part in strengthening the link between the land, sustainable farming, and our customers.” For some of the freshest organic grass-fed beef, organic chickens, turkey, and eggs put Skagit River Ranch on your next shopping list.

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The sculptural works of Aleph Geddis live at the intersection of traditional methods and modernist forms, informed by a lifetime fascination with the foundational structures of our world. Growing up on Orcas Island in the Pacific Northwest, Aleph spent many hours with his stepfather, a sculptor, carver, and builder of wooden boats. Aleph carved our totem at the Filson Seattle flagship store and a geometric wolf art piece for the New York Flagship.

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Known for high-quality, custom-made, two-handed spey rods.

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Bracelets and accessories for those who love the outdoors. Made in Austin, Texas.

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“One of the best ski tuning shops in Washington state. I’ve gone here for the last two seasons and am always pleased with the results and service.” — Jameson Clifton, Content Producer

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North House Folk School

North House Folk School, was founded by a small handful of inspired locals passionate about traditional craft and cooperative learning. While the school didn’t have a home at first, two old Forest Service buildings on the harbor of Grand Marais serendipitously became available—North House soon settled in and began building a campus. Over the years, the school and community have thrived, now hosting over 350 classes and 3,000 students annually.

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Noah Berger

California photographer who has photographed more than 100 wildfires.

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Kestrel Tool

A small artisan run tool shop on Lopez Island, in Washington state. For four decades they’ve been making wood carving tools in small batches, by hand, supplying artists and craftspeople with some of the finest blades available. Handcrafted with high carbon tool steel made here in the USA, and the highest quality lumber, the crooked knives, and adzes are exceptionally functional and elegant at the same time.

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Squire Barbershop

Old school independent barbershop with roots tracing back to the 1950s.

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N.M. Bachtel Forging Company

Nick’s a self-taught bladesmith who forages one-of-a-kind knives inspired by his natural environment and its history.

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