Winter Wanderland with George Barnett

Winter Wanderland - George Barnett 6

George Barnetts Polaroid photographs recount tales as timeless and storied as the woods themselves.  At only 20 years old, the Kentucky native offers furtive glimpses of not only the mystery found in nature, but also the inherent maturity.  Over the last 6 years of captured memories, Filson has become George’s weathered travel partner; a central subject in his surreal work as well as his means of toting cameras and equipment.  Follow George on a recent trek through the wilderness with his brother to a pristine area called “Rough River.”

My Brother and I set out for a camping trip.   A quest.  It’s the middle of winter and snow is all around us.  We set out in his big red truck full of sleeping bags, field bags, food, water and our four-man tent.  We were driving aimlessly to a beautiful lake in Leitchfield, KY called “Rough River”.  Along the way we would stop and admire the countryside, the Amish communities, and just the sun going down.  We got there shortly after sundown and setup camp and collected firewood to keep warm throughout the night.  The next morning we woke up, zipped out of our tent and we saw a beautiful untouched white landscape for us to hike through.  I wore my Filson x Burton Sentry Jacket because it’s the perfect coat for winter and especially winter photography.  It’s the equivalent of having my Field Bag (countless pockets and storage), but it’s built into your jacket.  I would shoot my Polaroid’s and tuck them into the wool inside chest pocket to keep the developing images warm.  Along with my hiking gear was my field bag full of film, cameras and hand warmers.  We ventured on through the brush, and came across frozen lakes and creeks.  We just gazed over the scenery for hours walking, reading trails and animal tracks along the way.  Talking a little here and there, snapping pictures with my SX-70 and SLR, mainly just taking in the fresh air and beauty that mother earth provides.  It’s always a great feeling to share something like that with the people you love.

Nature is Good.  Life is Good.

Winter Wanderland - George Barnett 4