From The Archives: Vintage 1920’s Mackinaw Cruiser


This 1920’s era Mackinaw Cruiser, crafted in a classic green and black check pattern, was returned to our Seattle store yesterday.  After living a colorful history spanning multiple generations, numerous successful pheasant hunts, and years of treacherous winter weather this 100% virgin wool jacket still looks incredible.  The slight frays on the cuffs, minimal discoloration, and a label worn threadbare all offer a glimpse of the glories this particular piece has been through.

Originally purchased by Leslie Pue, born in 1901, the jacket was later willed to his step son Richard Heckard in 1980 who continued to wear the jacket until January of 2013.  Now, the jacket has been added to our collection of Filson history.  Thanks to Richard for providing us with such a beautiful piece from our past.