Third Generation Filson

Filson Fan GB, of Alaska, shares a remarkable story of how Filson has been part of his family’s life from generation to generation. His coat, originally given to his dad as a graduation present, has withheld weather, abuse and wear and tear for over 30 years during surveying in Alaska. The coat was recently passed down to his son, the original owner’s grandson.  GB believes there are many more years of adventure left in his coat. Who knows, maybe it’ll get passed on to his grandson one day.

My dad was given a Filson coat shortly after he graduated high school by his parents as a parting gift, when he was leaving for forestry school. The coat was used in school and for surveying in Alaska for 30 years give or take. During which time the coat suffered the abuse normally associated with surveying; dense brush, liberal coatings of mosquito repellant and chainsaw gas, sweat and dirt. Nevermind the weather. The coat spent countless years of field use-getting stuffed behind the seat of the pick-up, left in the trucks tool box then ended up in the garage for several years ,where I found it under the work bench. Talk about abuse! I cleaned the coat up and would you believe that all the snaps are intact and functional and there is not a single hole or frayed stitch and as it doesn’t fit me, gave it to my son, the original owners grandson who uses it regularly. The coat has many years left and still repels water. As a parting thought, I did the math-this coat is nearly 50 years old. Well done Filson.