Best Summer Fishing Locations

Filson - Fam Trip-20Lake Okoboji, Iowa
This popular family vacation destination is home to some of the finest largemouth and smallmouth bass fishing in the Midwest. Here it is not uncommon to pull largemouths weighing five to seven pounds. The West side of this 8,000 acre lake is deep and clear, while the East is shallow and weedy. Due to their largely varyied natures, good bass fishing can be found in one or the other.

White River, Arkansas
One of the premier North American destinations for trout fishing is the renowned White River in northern-central Arkansas. Wide, crisp and clean waters provide fisherman with superb trout all year long. The majority of fish pulled are Rainbows,  but some giant browns and book trout have been pulled from the cold pools. Here, the most popular method of fishing is to float down the river in big johnboats.

Yellowstone, Wyoming
Some of the best trout fishing on the planet can be done in Yellowstone National Park.

But to the serious angler, Yellowstone waters read like a litany of hollowed and revered trout havens. The breathtaking Yellowstone and Madison rivers are meccas for brown, rainbow, and cutthroat trout. Other lesser-known streams are teeming with fish as well. Trout anglers can pull trout while elk slowly pass downstream. The entire family can join on boats within the park’s largest lake, Yellowstone Lake. Make a camping trip out of the fishing adventure that you will never forget.

Clear Lake, California
This massive lake of 44,000-acre has been coined the “Bass Capital of the West.” Clear Lake has a long-standing heritage of jumbo Florida-strain largemouths. Summer has water temperatures from the low 70s up to 90 degrees and blooms of grasses, aquatic weeds, and algae. Drop shotting  is a very productive way to pull fish at this time of the year. Look out for shore rock piles, ledges, and rocky points. Clear Lake also offers many launch ramps, marinas and boat rentals.