Revisiting Red River with George Barnett

Red River - George Barnett - Polaroid
George Barnett’
s Polaroid photographs recount tales as timeless and storied as the woods themselves.  At only 20 years old, the Kentucky native offers furtive glimpses of not only the mystery found in nature, but also the inherent maturity.  Over the last 6 years of captured memories, Filson has become George’s weathered travel partner; a central subject in his surreal work as well as his means of toting cameras and equipment.

I visited the Red River last July, a beautiful gorge in Eastern Kentucky that introduces us to the cluster of Appalachian mountains. I had a great experience shooting photos, taking in the fresh air and scenic views surrounding me. As I left, I knew I would soon return to the banks of Red River, or as I call it, “Blood River.” 11 months pass and it’s time again. I wake up on a work day like the first time, call my boss and tell him that “I need feeling, I need wild”, throw a camera and a few packs of film in the Medium Field Bag and hit the open road. After driving for 2 hours, I arrive back into the beautiful big skied mountain range and I’m ready to get out and trek the trails ahead. I park the Volvo, throw my bag over my shoulder and I’m off. I honestly only travel with the best, which is guaranteed the best, Filson.