In Your Words: Saved From a 60MPH Slide

tin_cloth_motorcycle_crash3‘In Your Words’ explores the incredible stories we’ve received from Filson fans across the globe.  Send us your own experiences with our clothing or product here for a chance to be featured on the Filson Life blog.  We’re thankful that Brett — who works at Filson retailer Proof Lab — was able to share this story.  Here’s to a quick recovery.

Here are some photos of my Tin Cloth Field Jacket and Tin Cloth pants that saved me from a recent motorcycle crash.  I picked myself up relatively unscathed after sliding to a stop from 60mph while attempting to avoid a group of deer in the road, only about a half mile from my house.  It was night, so I shouldn’t have been pushing it the way I was, but at least I had this suit on.  Thank you for making such a great product.  I was also wearing a pair of lined goatskin gloves, which blew off my hands and are still lost on the mountain somewhere.   So, could I send these in for repair?  Probably should think about getting double reinforced knees this time.

Thanks for everything and keep doing what you guys are doing,