Hunt Gather Talk Podcast | Season 3

teal blue background with a sketch of a fish, white text overlay reading, HUNT GATHER TALK

Renowned wild game chef Hank Shaw has spent a lifetime gathering wild edible plants, hunting, and fishing the land and waters of North America. This season of ‘Hunt Gather Talk’, is all about fish and seafood, coindicing HANK’S latest cookbook ‘Hook, Line, and Supper’. Below we share our favorites episodes—stay tuned for more, or head over to Spotify for the full-list.

a close up of five salmon laying on a dock with some ice underneath them, text overlay reading, SEA TO TABLE: BREAKING THE PARADIGM

Hank talks with E-Fish founder Jeffrey Tedmori and Natalie Sattler of Alaskans Own Community Supported Fishery to cover the ins and outs of buying fish directly from the fishermen—whether it’s online drop shipping, farmer’s markets or an aquatic version of a CSA.

close up of a bucket full of shrimp, white text overlay reading WILD VS FARMED FISH

Barton is arguably the nation’s foremost fish and seafood writer, author of many books and is a fellow with Harvard working on sustainability. We clear the air on the goods, the bads, and the uglies of fish farming.

a close up image of a fish with text overlay reading, TRASH FISH: LOVING THE UNLOVED

Trash Fish. The Unloved. Hank Shaw unpacks this concept, and busts a bunch of myths, with friends Tom Dickson and Scott Leysath—both with decades of experience catching and cooking species that get no respect.