GUEST BlOG, George Hickox, Tips to keeping your dog safe and healthy

For over 2 decades, George Hickox has shown all levels of dog owners how to train bird dogs. He believes that no dog is too old to become a good hunter and that no dog is too young to learn correct habits. George knows everything from A-Z when it comes to bird dogs and with a new season on the horizon, George’s guide to a bird dog’s safety is the latest addition to Filson Life.

Heat is a big deal when it comes to a dog’s safety.  When it comes to heat preventative medicine is the best approach.  Keep the dog’s body temperature low and do not let the dog over heat.  Do not feed the working dog in the morning.  Feeding in the morning raises the dog’s temperature.  Also it requires water to digest the food which increases the possibility of dehydration.  Dogs receive their nutritional benefits from a feeding sixteen to twenty hours after feeding so an am he man breakfast is only detrimental to the working dog.


Whenever I am traveling I put my dogs on FortiFlora from Purina three days before traveling and keep the dogs on FortiFlora throughout the trip.  FortiFlora is a probiotic and helps the dog’s intestinal tract aiding in preventing diarrhea.  Diarrhea causes dehydration.  Many hunts have been ruined because a dog has become dehydrated.  More information regarding FortiFlora can be found at


Keep the dog well hydrated, do not feed in the morning, use FortiFlora, feed a premium performance food in the 30 percent protein and 20 percent fat range (Fat cools and carbohydrates heat.), and give your dog frequent breaks.  The opening day of the bird season is not the time to start getting your dog in shape.  A top tier diet and early season conditioning will help put more birds in the bag.


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