Behind the Cover: Filson Flies with Photographer Peter Sutherland

68150018.JPGIn early June, a small number of Filson employees boarded a float plane with a charter set for the remote lake community of Stehekin, Washington. Flying under the ceiling of ash-gray sky, the small metal structure weaved and pitched its way through a narrow mountain pass and made a successful landing on the aquamarine glacial lake nestled deep in the North Cascades. There, we dropped photographer Peter Sutherland and his crew, who spent a week hiking, climbing, and camping under the stars; constantly in search of the perfect photos for upcoming Filson catalogs. Their travels took them from the dense forests of Stehekin to the shorelines of Rialto Beach, and many uncharted destinations in between. View a few behind the scene’s photos of the photo trip below, and a small selection of the final results.Filson-TravisGillett-StehekinWA-15Filson-TravisGillett-StehekinWA-14Filson-TravisGillett-StehekinWA-13Filson-TravisGillett-StehekinWA-116805002568200019683300346834001668700006