Filson x Papa Nui Alaskan Scouts Watch Cap

Filson x Papa Nui Alaskan Scouts Watch Cap

A warm wool watch that honors heroes.


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Fit: Fit intent is comfortably snug

A warm wool watch that honors heroes.

Papa Nui, inspired by his father’s service in the South Pacific, crafts exceptionally high quality and accurate reproductions of the headwear worn by our WWII-era military. These resourceful men would adapt and customize their gear to fit the specific needs of the mission. Each cap is purpose-built for utility, function, and tough durability. Manufactured with the highest-quality materials, they honor our troops and their historic units.

This watch cap pays tribute to the U.S. Army’s Alaska Scouts from WWII. Also known as Castner’s Cutthroats, this specialized intelligence unit performed reconnaissance in Alaska’s Aleutian Islands. They were hand-picked troops from Alaska who’d demonstrated skill in surviving without support in the Alaskan wilderness. Instrumental in protecting the islands, this small unit of just sixty-five men lived off the land, requiring very little in terms of logistic support.

The cap itself is knitted in Japan with 100% wool in the same pattern as caps issued to vintage military units. The tall cuff provides added insulation and the ability to adjust coverage as needed. A limited-edition tag honoring the Alaska Scouts is sewn on the front.


Knitted with 100% wool

A Filson-exclusive cap

Tall cuff for warmth and adjustability

Made by Papa Nui



SKU: 20265179
Material: 100% wool

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Everyday; Outdoor; Field; Work


Hand wash cold, dry flat. Do not dry clean.


Fit: Fit intent is comfortably snug

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