Filson X Runabout Goods Watch Cap

Filson X Runabout Goods Watch Cap

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Made in the USA to WWII-era military specs.

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Our Filson x Runabout Goods Watch Cap is painstakingly manufactured in the USA and knitted with virgin 100% merino wool to exact specifications as the iconic WWII-era U.S. Navy-issued cap. Snug and stretchy, the wool will keep your head warm even if it gets wet, and since it’s from merino sheep, it’s soft and virtually scratch-free. Hand- cut and-stitched for smooth, flat seams. This cap proves it – sometimes they do still make them like they used to.

  • Made in Los Angeles
  • Built to same specs as WWII-era watch caps
  • 100% wool
  • Insulates even if wet
  • Custom Filson x Runabout Goods label
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100% merino wool


Everyday; Outdoor


Hand wash cold; dry flat


Made in USA.

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