Filson X Pro Ears Gold II 26 Hearing Protection

Filson X Pro Ears Gold II 26 Hearing Protection

Protect your ears while hearing your surroundings.

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Protect your ears while hearing your surroundings.

The Filson x Pro Ears Gold II 26 are the world’s most-advanced electronic hearing protection. They attenuate high-volume noise spikes while allowing you to hear your environment, whether it’s voices, wingbeats of flushing birds or a bugling elk. The high-fidelity amplification of ambient sounds is startlingly realistic and adjustable up to 8x the natural sound level. Engineered with gel ear seals, they’re comfortable even during extended wear in hot or cold temperatures. This state-of-the-art hearing protection is built to last–made in the U.S. with military-grade circuit boards. They operate on 4 AAA batteries, and feature a low-battery indicator and auto-shut off to preserve the charge. Investing in the best protection for your ears is just plain smart–so you can enjoy good hearing for years to come.


Noise reduction rating of 26

Individual volume controls for each ear

Amplifies sounds up to 8x with outstanding fidelity

Operates on 4 AAA batteries (not included)

Auto-shut off and low battery indicator

Recommended storage and carrying in a protective case


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Made in USA
Material: Mixed

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