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On the clock and off, Filson has you covered with ultra durable men's clothing that does more than look and feel good - it lasts. From the tough as nails fabric of our classic Oil Finish Single Tin Pants to the Double Mackinaw Cap, every item in our Men's Collection is built to last a lifetime and comes backed by our unconditional lifetime guarantee.
View the Cruiser Shirt - Indigo
  • 849
  • 850
Cruiser Shirt - Indigo
Style #10485
A modern interpretation of our 100-year-old work shirt
$195.00 $146.99
View the Button-Down Seattle Shirt - Herringbone
  • 852
Button-Down Seattle Shirt - Herringbone
Style #10489
A dressy button-down Herringbone shirt built for durability
$145.00 $108.99
View the Lean Bush Pants
  • 229
  • 842
Lean Bush Pants
Style #10464
Stretch-nylon Bush Pants perfect for navigating game trails
$165.00 $123.99
View the Alaskan Guide Shirt
  • 602
Alaskan Guide Shirt
Style #12006
Our soft-brushed, durable shirt is a favorite among pilots and guides
$110.00 $69.99
View the Cruiser Shirt - Chambray
  • 251
  • 401
  • 600
Cruiser Shirt - Chambray
Style #10382
A Cotton Chambray shirt inspired by our 1914 Cruiser Shirt
$195.00 $146.99
View the Shelter Cloth Packer Coat-Extra Long
  • 410
Shelter Cloth Packer Coat-Extra Long
Style #10013 Made in USA
A heavy duty, water-repellent jacket with added length
$365.00 $187.99
View the Field Shirt
  • 205
  • 235
  • 100
Field Shirt
Style #10154
A comfortable long sleeve cotton shirt that moves with you
$120.00 $89.99
View the Wool Mile Marker Jacket
  • 200
Wool Mile Marker Jacket
Style #10045 Made in USA
A warm wool jacket in our heaviest wool with a soft touch
$330.00 $229.99
View the Wool Mile Marker Jacket - Extra Long
  • 200
Wool Mile Marker Jacket - Extra Long
Style #10229 Made in USA
A tough, long wool jacket with our heaviest and softest Mackinaw wool
$354.00 $249.99
View the Wingshooting Jacket
  • 200
Wingshooting Jacket
Style #10110
Lightweight, waterproof, breathable shooting jacket
$410.00 $209.99
View the Dry Finish Tin Cruiser
  • 204
Dry Finish Tin Cruiser
Style #10074 Made in USA
Filson's original Cruiser in dry finish Tin Cloth in original 1914 standards
$260.00 $134.99
View the Wingshooting Pants
  • 200
Wingshooting Pants
Style #10112
Lightweight, waterproof and breathable shooting pants
$250.00 $169.99

Our Guarantee for Over 100 Years Has Never Changed

"We guarantee every item purchased from us. No more, no less. Your satisfaction is the sole purpose of our transaction." — Clinton C. Filson, 1897

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