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  • Original Tin Cloth Hat in Dry Shelter

    Original Tin Cloth Hat in Dry Shelter

    No. 11030161 (#30161)
    This rain-resistant, Shelter Cloth hat has a 2-1/4"-wide brim and ventilating side grommets
  • Tin Packer Hat

    Tin Packer Hat

    No. 11060015 (#60015)
    Classic fedora-style hat in rugged, water-repellent Tin Cloth
  • Insulated Packer Hat

    Insulated Packer Hat

    No. 11060016 (#60016)
    A rain-repellent, abrasion-resistant Tin Cloth hat with wool-lined earflaps and an insulated crown
  • Shelter Packer Hat

    Shelter Packer Hat

    No. 11060017 (#60017)
    Fedora-style hat in medium-weight, water-repellent Shelter Cloth
  • New
    Logger Cap

    Logger Cap

    No. 11030257 (#11030257)
    A structured cap in our classic Rugged Twill fabric, for rain-resistant, tear-resistant protection from the elements
  • Logger Mesh Cap

    Logger Mesh Cap

    No. 11030237 (#30237)
    A water-repellent cap with mesh back for breathable comfort
  • Tin Cloth Leather Cap

    Tin Cloth Leather Cap

    No. 11030038 (#30038)
    Classic, water-repellent, low-profile cap with leather bill
  • Tin Cloth Low Profile Cap

    Tin Cloth Low Profile Cap

    No. 11060060 (#60060)
    This low-profile Tin Cloth cap is rain repellent and abrasion resistant, with an adjustable strap for fit
  • Mackinaw Cap

    Mackinaw Cap

    No. 11060040 (#60040)
    A warm wool cap with hidden earflaps, a 2"-wide bill and an insulated crown
  • Double Mackinaw Cap

    Double Mackinaw Cap

    No. 11060041 (#60041)
    An insulated wool cap with tie-back shearling-lined earflaps, an insulated crown and a 3"-wide bill
  • 5-Panel Cap

    5-Panel Cap

    No. 11030236 (#30236)
    A classic five-panel cap made of breathable, warm wool from Pendleton Woolen Mills, with a leather strap for a custom fit
  • Bison Knit Hat

    Bison Knit Hat

    No. 11060090 (#60090)
    This soft knit bison wool cap provides lightweight warmth
  • Bison Fisher Beanie

    Bison Fisher Beanie

    No. 11030109 (#30109)
    This soft bison wool fisherman's-style cap provides lightweight warmth
  • Filson Seattle Knit Hat

    Filson Seattle Knit Hat

    A knit cuffed cap made from 100% virgin wool from the USA
  • Wool Cuff Cap

    Wool Cuff Cap

    No. 11060198 (#60198)
    Knit wool cap you can roll up or down as needed
  • Tin Cloth Wildfowl Hat

    Tin Cloth Wildfowl Hat

    No. 11060063 (#60063)
    A water-repellent, wind-resistant, wool-lined hat with neck flap and earflaps
  • Tin Bush Hat

    Tin Bush Hat

    No. 11060035 (#60035)
    Water-repellent hat with extra-wide brim for sun protection
  • Insulated Tin Cloth Cap

    Insulated Tin Cloth Cap

    No. 11060068 (#60068)
    A water-repellent cap with tuck-away wool earflaps and a 3" bill to protect from rain and snow
  • Summer Packer Hat

    Summer Packer Hat

    No. 11060030 (#60030)
    Lightweight, breathable hat with extra-wide brim for UPF50+
  • Logger Cap

    Logger Cap

    No. 11030238 (#30238)
    A lightweight cotton twill cap with adjustable strap and a pre-curved bill
  • Insulated Blaze/Tin Cap

    Insulated Blaze/Tin Cap

    No. 11060074 (#60074)
    A weather-resistant cap with hidden earflaps in Blaze Orange for increased visibility
  • Big Game/Upland Hat

    Big Game/Upland Hat

    No. 11060065 (#60065)
    Blaze Orange adjustable-strap hunting hat lined with wool
  • Contrast Cap

    Contrast Cap

    No. 11030090 (#30090)
    A Blaze Orange cap with embroidered Filson logo, for increased visibility in the field
  • Shelter Packer Hood

    Shelter Packer Hood

    A water-repellent hood with visor that buttons into select Filson coats

1-24 of 37

1-24 of 37

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