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  • Down Cruiser
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    Down Cruiser

    No. 11010652
    A medium-weight winter jacket with goose down insulation, water-repellent reinforcement on the shoulders and sleeves and a standing wool-lined collar
  • Stonewashed Canvas Cruiser
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    Stonewashed Canvas Cruiser

    No. 11010769
    This medium-weight dry finish cotton canvas Cruiser is abrasion resistant and cut for mobility. It has a corduroy collar, easy-access snap closure front and snap adjustable cuffs. The fabric has been stonewashed for comfort and a vintage look, and the classic Cruiser pockets provide plenty of storage.
  • Mack Tin Cruiser
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    Mack Tin Cruiser

    No. 11010770
    This hybrid of our two iconic fabrics, 100% virgin Mackinaw Wool and oil finish Tin Cloth, offers the ultimate in rain-repellent, abrasion-resistant comfort. It's fully lined with flannel in the body for soft warmth, and synthetic twill in the sleeves for easy on/off over layers. Horn button front closure and cuffs, plus classic Cruiser pockets and fit, make this long-lasting coat a winter staple.
  • Long Cruiser
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    Long Cruiser

    No. 11010771
    Our new Cruiser is built with the same 24-oz. Mackinaw Wool and functional pockets as the original, but we added length and an upper lining to this coat for extra warmth and comfort.
  • Down Cruiser Parka
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    Down Cruiser Parka

    No. 11010651
    Our warmest coat is fully insulated with lightweight goose down and has Shelter Cloth overlays and an attached wool-lined hood with visor to protect against rain and snow
  • Lined Short Cruiser
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    Lined Short Cruiser

    No. 11010644
    A flannel-lined, water-repellent waxed jacket with a hip-length hem for mobility and classic Cruiser pockets
  • Short Lined Cruiser
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    Short Lined Cruiser

    No. 11010762
    A water-repellent Tin Cloth jacket that's fully lined with Cover Cloth and has a hip-length hem for mobility
  • Short Cruiser
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    Short Cruiser

    No. 11010568
    A classic Cruiser in ruggedly durable, water-repellent cotton canvas with a hip-length hem for freedom of movement
  • Lightweight Dry Cloth Cruiser
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    Lightweight Dry Cloth Cruiser

    No. 11010713
    A lightweight, fully lined, water-repellent Cruiser with detachable hood, double-corduroy collar and cuffs and snap-front closure


9 Item(s)

Compare 1 items ->