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Luggage & Bags

View the Tin Shooting Bag
  • 242
Tin Shooting Bag
Style #16029 Made in USA
Water-repellent expandable pockets on a Bridle Leather belt
View the Bicycle Panniers
  • 242
Bicycle Panniers
Style #70142 Made in USA
Bike panniers for protection in inclement weather
View the Oil Tin Wine Tote
  • 410
  • 341
  • 242
  • 796
Oil Tin Wine Tote
Style #70109 Made in USA
Smart and sturdy wine tote bag built from our Rugged Twill and Genuine Bridle Leather
View the Log Carrier
  • 242
  • 341
  • 200
Log Carrier
Style #70280 Made in USA
Our log carrier holds all the firewood you can handle
View the Rugged Twill Utility Bag
  • 341
  • 242
Rugged Twill Utility Bag
Style #70008 Made in USA
Versatile easy-access bag with modular interior dividers
View the Fishing Waist Pack
  • 300
Fishing Waist Pack
Style #16006 Made in USA
Lightweight fishing waist pack for tackle and flies
View the Bicycle Basket Bag
  • 242
Bicycle Basket Bag
Style #70141 Made in USA
Take this bicycle basket bag with you after your bike is parked
View the Tin Cloth Grip Case
  • 242
Tin Cloth Grip Case
Style #70058 Made in USA
A handsome, rugged case to hold tablets, netbooks, and e-readers

Our Guarantee for Over 100 Years Has Never Changed

"We guarantee every item purchased from us. No more, no less. Your satisfaction is the sole purpose of our transaction." — Clinton C. Filson, 1897

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