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  • Bi-Fold


    No. 11065215
    Classic leather bi-fold wallet with durable Tin Cloth divider
  • Leather Outfitter Wallet

    Leather Outfitter Wallet

    No. 11065200
    Durable Bridle Leather wallet for eight cards plus bills
  • Leather Tri-Fold Wallet

    Leather Tri-Fold Wallet

    No. 11065210
    Tri-fold Bridle Leather wallet holds eight cards plus cash
  • Leather Packer Wallet

    Leather Packer Wallet

    No. 11065208
    Durable Bridle Leather wallet holds 12 cards plus cash
  • Oil Tin Tri-Fold Wallet

    Oil Tin Tri-Fold Wallet

    No. 11069150
    Durable, water-repellent, flexible, cloth tri-fold wallet
  • Leather/Twill Outfitter Wallet

    Leather/Twill Outfitter Wallet

    No. 11065201
    Bridle Leather and Rugged Twill wallet holds cards and cash
  • Security Wallet

    Security Wallet

    No. 11065204
    Durable Bridle Leather wallet with visible ID window
  • Money Clip Wallet

    Money Clip Wallet

    No. 11065205
    Durable Bridle Leather and brass billfold with six card slots
  • Leather/Twill Packer Wallet

    Leather/Twill Packer Wallet

    No. 11065209
    Bridle Leather and Rugged Twill holds 12 cards plus cash
  • Passport Case

    Passport Case

    No. 11065218
    Rugged leather passport case holds up to five cards
  • Fly Wallet

    Fly Wallet

    No. 11030231
    A snap-closure tri-fold cloth wallet with a shearling patch for flies and Bridle Leather trim


11 Item(s)

Compare 1 items ->