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  • Travel Kit

    Travel Kit

    No. 11070218
    A water-repellent travel kit with nylon-lined interior
  • Twill Travel Tray

    Twill Travel Tray

    No. 11069157
    Rugged Twill, fully closable catch-all tray inspired by vintage paratrooper gear
  • Flask


    No. 11069030
    Stainless steel flask wrapped in durable Bridle Leather
  • Large Leather Pouch

    Large Leather Pouch

    No. 11063221
    A handcrafted, soft leather pouch for larger items
  • Locking Snap-Key Lanyard

    Locking Snap-Key Lanyard

    No. 11063224
    A Bridle Leather lanyard with locking brass latch for keys and high-tension snap
  • Strap


    No. 11070001
    Removable Bridle Leather shoulder strap for Filson bags
  • Chunky Key Ring

    Chunky Key Ring

    No. 11063223
    A heavy duty Bridle Leather strap with trigger swivel snap and solid iron and brass key ring
  • Double Prong Belt

    Double Prong Belt

    No. 11063218
    A heavy-duty Bridle Leather and brass belt with two-prong closure, double keeper and D-ring for caribiner attachment
  • Small Leather Pouch

    Small Leather Pouch

    No. 11063219
    A handcrafted, soft leather pouch for small items
  • Medium Leather Pouch

    Medium Leather Pouch

    No. 11063220
    A handcrafted, soft leather pouch for small devices
  • Dry Bag - Small

    Dry Bag - Small

    No. 11090132
    A waterproof, roll-top small gear bag with buckle handle
  • Passport Case

    Passport Case

    No. 11065218
    Rugged leather passport case holds up to five cards
  • Large Leather Cover & Notebook

    Large Leather Cover & Notebook

    No. 11069037
    A leather cover and 9" x 11-1/2" Rite in the Rain notebook
  • Luggage Tag

    Luggage Tag

    No. 11070156
    Made with saddle-grade Bridle Leather, this tag has a slide-through strap and sheath sized for a business card
  • Key Fob

    Key Fob

    No. 11069029
    Bridle Leather key fob with corrosion-resistant brass ring
  • Tool Roll

    Tool Roll

    No. 11070303
    A Rugged Twill roll-up tool kit with Bridle Leather stud closure and offset pockets
  • New
    Small Notebook (Refill)

    Small Notebook (Refill)

    No. 11069038
    Small notebook with patented paper that sheds water
  • Small Leather Cover & Notebook

    Small Leather Cover & Notebook

    No. 11069036
    A leather cover and 5" x 7-1/2" Rite in the Rain notebook
  • Large Notebook (Refill)

    Large Notebook (Refill)

    No. 11069039
    Large notebook with patented paper that sheds water
  • Filson Tool Belt Pouch

    Filson Tool Belt Pouch

    No. 11030169
    This multi-pocket, Rugged Twill open tool pouch slides onto a belt via saddle-grade Bridle Leather loops
  • Filson Cedar Hanger

    Filson Cedar Hanger

    No. 11069032
    Moth-repelling, heavy-duty, notched cedar hanger


21 Item(s)

Compare 1 items ->