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  • Duffle - Medium

    Duffle - Medium

    No. 11070222
    A scuff-resistant, Rugged Twill duffle with a brass zipper closure reinforced with Bridle Leather
  • New
    Rolling Duffle - Large

    Rolling Duffle - Large

    No. 11070375
    A heavy-duty rolling duffle with stabilizing rails, a wide wheel base and an 8-1/2" retractable handle
  • New
    Meridian Tote

    Meridian Tote

    No. 11070378
    A rugged oil finish Tin Cloth tote fully lined with dry finish Cover Cloth, a reinforced leather base and handles that lie flat when not in use
  • New
    48-Hour Duffle

    48-Hour Duffle

    No. 11070328
    An overnight bag with a reinforced base and multiple carrying options
  • Duffle - Large

    Duffle - Large

    No. 11070223
    Water-resistant, spacious duffle develops burnished sheen with use
  • New
    Rolling Duffle - Extra Large

    Rolling Duffle - Extra Large

    No. 11070376
    Our heavy-duty, super-capacity rolling duffle with stabilizing rails, a wide wheel base for stability and interior pockets
  • New
    Meridian Duffle

    Meridian Duffle

    No. 11070344
    A weekend bag with reinforced base, brass feet to keep it upright and protected and multiple carrying options
  • 24-Hour Tin Briefcase

    24-Hour Tin Briefcase

    No. 11070140
    Our water-repellent Tin Cloth briefcase is fully lined and has a removable shoulder strap and trolley strap for use with rolling luggage
  • Duffle - Small

    Duffle - Small

    No. 11070314
    A lightweight, compact duffle with a nylon webbing shoulder strap
  • Rolling Duffle - Large

    Rolling Duffle - Large

    No. 11070188
    Lightweight, large rolling duffle handles rough terrain
  • Pullman


    No. 11070243
    Water-repellent travel bag with interior elastic straps
  • Heritage Sportsman Bag

    Heritage Sportsman Bag

    No. 11070073
    Roomy, weather-resistant bag with modular interior dividers
  • Original Sportsman Camera Bag

    Original Sportsman Camera Bag

    No. 11070143
    A water-repellent bag with structured modular dividers for gear, a YKK nylon zipper to protect lenses from scratching and a 2"-wide twill shoulder strap for comfortable carrying
  • McCurry Sportsman Bag

    McCurry Sportsman Bag

    No. 11070195
    A water-resistant bag with removable modular dividers for gear, padding throughout and a lockable zipper closure
  • New
    Rolling Check-In Bag - Medium

    Rolling Check-In Bag - Medium

    No. 11070374
    A water-resistant Rugged Twill wheeled travel bag lined with dry finish Cover Cloth that has a retracting handle and molded feet to keep it upright
  • New
    Rolling Carry-On Bag - Medium

    Rolling Carry-On Bag - Medium

    No. 11070323
    This rolling carry-on bag has a 20"-long retractable handle and molded feet to keep it upright
  • Travel Kit

    Travel Kit

    No. 11070218
    A water-repellent travel kit with nylon-lined interior
  • Travel Kit - Small

    Travel Kit - Small

    No. 11070312
    Lightweight, water-resistant, small travel kit for essentials
  • Rucksack


    No. 11070262
    Water-repellent, durable rucksack with Bridle Leather straps
  • Filson Large Soft-Sided Cooler

    Filson Large Soft-Sided Cooler

    No. 11070319
    A soft-sided, fully insulated cooler with cotton webbing shoulder strap for hands-free carrying
  • Suit Cover

    Suit Cover

    No. 11070271
    A water-repellent, rugged suit bag sized for two garments
  • Garment Bag

    Garment Bag

    No. 11070270
    Rugged, roomy garment bag with easy-carrying options
  • New
    Pullman - Small

    Pullman - Small

    No. 11070346
    An abrasion-resistant carry-on bag with interior cotton/elastic straps to hold packed goods in place


23 Item(s)

Compare 1 items ->