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Filson Dog

Filson Dog

From our protective Shelter Cloth dog coat to our abrasion-resistant collapsible dog bowl, we offer long-lasting goods for your canine companion. Each is designed to last through years of use and is built with the toughest materials like our U.S.-tanned Bridle Leather.


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  • Dog Collar

    Dog Collar

    No. 11090101 (#90101)
    This 1"-wide Bridle Leather collar has an O-ring for safety
  • Dog Leash

    Dog Leash

    No. 11090102 (#90102)
    Our 5'-long dog leash is made of saddle-grade Bridle Leather for reliable use despite repeated twisting and bending
  • Rope Leash

    Rope Leash

    No. 11090122 (#90122)
    A double-braided nylon rope leash with loop handle and O-ring
  • ReadyDog K-9 First Aid Kit

    ReadyDog K-9 First Aid Kit

    No. 11030187 (#30187)
    A comprehensive canine first aid kit for field treatment
  • Puppy Collar

    Puppy Collar

    No. 11090123 (#90123)
    A durable 5/8"-wide Bridle Leather collar with safety ring
  • Dog Chest Protector

    Dog Chest Protector

    No. 11030008 (#30008)
    Keeps your dog's belly and chest dry and protected against burrs
  • Harness


    No. 11090126 (#90126)
    Our three-point Bridle Leather dog harness with brass hardware
  • Dog Travel Mat

    Dog Travel Mat

    No. 11090124 (#90124)
    A water-resistant, padded dog mat with handy travel design
  • Webbing Collar

    Webbing Collar

    No. 11090127 (#90127)
    A waterproof 1"-wide collar with safety ring in Blaze Orange for increased visibility
  • Short Dog Bowl

    Short Dog Bowl

    No. 11090106 (#90106)
    Our water-repellent, collapsible short travel bowl for on-the-go dogs
  • Shelter Cloth Dog Coat

    Shelter Cloth Dog Coat

    No. 11090100 (#90100)
    Our water-repellent, reversible dog coat with 100% virgin wool lining
  • Dog Bowl

    Dog Bowl

    No. 11090105 (#90105)
    A water-repellent, nylon-lined, collapsible travel bowl for on-the-go dogs


12 Item(s)

Compare 1 items ->