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  • Limited Edition Chelan Chair

    Limited Edition Chelan Chair

    No. 20014432
    A versatile folding chair good from the campsite to the ballpark.
  • New Chelan Chair

    New Chelan Chair

    No. 11069199
    An ash wood and Rugged Twill folding camp chair with easy-carry strap and attached bottle opener on the side
  • Fishing Reel

    Fishing Reel

    No. 20012679
    A custom-made trout reel.
  • Fly Reel Case

    Fly Reel Case

    No. 20012678
    A durable, all-weather fly reel case.
  • San Juan Hand Net

    San Juan Hand Net

    No. 20006429
    A one-of-a-kind, handmade fishing net.
  • Stream Hand Net

    Stream Hand Net

    No. 20006431
    A one-of-a-kind, handmade fishing net.
  • Soft-Sided Lunch Cooler
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    Soft-Sided Lunch Cooler

    Our soft-sided cooler has a heavy-duty insulated lining throughout, to keep lunch cold. It's made with water-repellent Rugged Twill and has a nylon webbing shoulder strap for easy carrying. It's sized small, for carrying lunch on trips and while traveling.
  • Filson Large Soft-Sided Cooler
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    Filson Large Soft-Sided Cooler

    No. 11070319
    A soft-sided, fully insulated cooler with cotton webbing shoulder strap for hands-free carrying
  • MITI Camp Stove

    MITI Camp Stove

    No. 20014430
    The portable stove that cooks dinner over a single log.
  • Orca Green 20 Cooler

    Orca Green 20 Cooler

    No. 20008328
    This hard-body cooler will keep your perishables good for 10 days in the field.
  • Cooper’s Cot Hammock

    Cooper’s Cot Hammock

    No. 20006428
    An industrial strength hammock.
  • Log Carrier
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    Log Carrier

    No. 11070280
    Rugged, wear-resistant, water-repellent log carrier
  • Dog Bowl
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    Dog Bowl

    No. 11090105
    A water-repellent, nylon-lined, collapsible travel bowl for on-the-go dogs
  • Short Dog Bowl
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    Short Dog Bowl

    No. 11090106
    Our water-repellent, collapsible short travel bowl for on-the-go dogs
  • Dog Leash
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    Dog Leash

    No. 11090102
    Our 5'-long dog leash is made of saddle-grade Bridle Leather for reliable use despite repeated twisting and bending

    Embossing Available

  • Filson/Shinola Bixby Bicycle
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    Filson/Shinola Bixby Bicycle

    No. 10009603
    Filson and Shinola partner for a vintage-inspired commuter bicycle
  • Bandana
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    No. 20010431
    Built for hot summer days, these bandanas are silk-screened by hand using a special process that leaves no ink on the surface for a soft, clean feel.
  • Sleeping Bag

    Sleeping Bag

    No. 20031184
    Made by Seattle-based Feathered Friends with an outer shell of Filson’s Dry Finish Cover Cloth and a removable snap-in liner made with 8-oz. Alaskan Guide cotton flannel, this down bag will keep you warm in the roughest climates.


18 Item(s)

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