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    Erling Long Cuff Mitten
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    Erling Long Cuff Mitten

    No. 20029380
    A special tanning process enhances the waterproof capability of the suede used in these mittens, as well as providing extra durability while retaining suede’s natural softness and flexibility. Polartec Thermal Pro High Loft Insulation in the lining keeps your hands warm during any outdoor activity.
  • Utility Apron
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    Utility Apron

    No. 11030000
    Ultra-durable, wear-resistant, water-repellent utility apron
  • 36" Dog Bed Kit
    More Colors Available

    36" Dog Bed Kit

    No. 11090116
    Our long-lasting Antique Tin Cloth dog bed is micro-sanded and washed for comfort. The cover zips off for machine washing and the inner pillow has 100% polyester filling. With its rugged, abrasion- and water-resistant exterior, it will last through decades of use.
  • Backgammon & Checkers Game

    Backgammon & Checkers Game

    No. 20004516
    Made with 22-oz Filson Rugged Twill, this game set rolls up for easy packing, and comes with a Moleskin pouch to hold game pieces, dice and the instruction card.
  • Soft-Sided Lunch Cooler
    More Colors Available

    Soft-Sided Lunch Cooler

    Our soft-sided cooler has a heavy-duty insulated lining throughout, to keep lunch cold. It's made with water-repellent Rugged Twill and has a nylon webbing shoulder strap for easy carrying. It's sized small, for carrying lunch on trips and while traveling.
  • Twill Travel Tray
    More Colors Available

    Twill Travel Tray

    No. 11069157
    Rugged Twill, fully closable catch-all tray inspired by vintage paratrooper gear
  • Dog Collar
    More Colors Available

    Dog Collar

    No. 11090101
    This 1"-wide Bridle Leather collar has an O-ring for safety

    Embossing Available

  • Dog Leash
    More Colors Available

    Dog Leash

    No. 11090102
    Our 5'-long dog leash is made of saddle-grade Bridle Leather for reliable use despite repeated twisting and bending

    Embossing Available

  • Filson Large Soft-Sided Cooler
    More Colors Available

    Filson Large Soft-Sided Cooler

    No. 11070319
    A soft-sided, fully insulated cooler with cotton webbing shoulder strap for hands-free carrying
  • Filson Tool Belt Pouch

    Filson Tool Belt Pouch

    No. 11030169
    This multi-pocket, Rugged Twill open tool pouch slides onto a belt via saddle-grade Bridle Leather loops
  • Dog Bowl
    More Colors Available

    Dog Bowl

    No. 11090105
    A water-repellent, nylon-lined, collapsible travel bowl for on-the-go dogs
  • Short Dog Bowl
    More Colors Available

    Short Dog Bowl

    No. 11090106
    Our water-repellent, collapsible short travel bowl for on-the-go dogs
  • Dog Travel Mat
    More Colors Available

    Dog Travel Mat

    No. 11090124
    A water-resistant, padded dog mat with handy travel design
  • Bandana
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    No. 20010431
    Built for hot summer days, these bandanas are silk-screened by hand using a special process that leaves no ink on the surface for a soft, clean feel.
  • Flask
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    No. 11069201
    This classic 6-oz. stainless steel flask is wrapped in English Bridle Leather from U.S. tannery Wickett & Craig. Hand-stitched with waxed thread, it's designed to last for decades and will gain a handsome sheen with repeated use. Stainless steel is BPA-free and corrosion resistant, and the flask has a leakproof, screw-down cap that's hinged to the top for safety.
  • Apron
    More Colors Available


    No. 11030230
    A dry finish Tin Cloth apron with oil finish Tin Cloth trim and a wrap-around waist tie
  • Locking Snap-Key Lanyard
    More Colors Available

    Locking Snap-Key Lanyard

    No. 11063224
    A Bridle Leather lanyard with locking brass latch for keys and high-tension snap
  • Tool Roll
    More Colors Available

    Tool Roll

    No. 11070303
    A Rugged Twill roll-up tool kit with Bridle Leather stud closure and offset pockets
  • Twill Travel Tray
    More Colors Available

    Twill Travel Tray

    No. 11069158
    Rugged Twill, fully closable catch-all tray inspired by vintage paratrooper gear
  • Log Carrier
    More Colors Available

    Log Carrier

    No. 11070280
    Rugged, wear-resistant, water-repellent log carrier
  • Front Pocket Cash & Card Case
    More Colors Available

    Front Pocket Cash & Card Case

    No. 11070422
    A three-slot Bridle Leather wallet designed to fit comfortably in the front pocket of your pants, or your shirt pocket
  • Bi-Fold Wallet
    More Colors Available

    Bi-Fold Wallet

    No. 11070399
    A six-slot Bridle Leather bi-fold wallet handcrafted at Filson, with heavy-duty nylon thread for durability
  • Harness
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    No. 11090126
    Our three-point Bridle Leather dog harness with brass hardware
  • Puppy Collar
    More Colors Available

    Puppy Collar

    No. 11090123
    A durable 5/8"-wide Bridle Leather collar with safety ring


24 Item(s)

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