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  • Barrack Blanket

    Barrack Blanket

    No. 20031181
    Built with wool milled in Minneapolis by Faribault Woolen Mill, this military-style blanket was developed to be a warm, durable companion for decades.
  • Running Wolf Pillow

    Running Wolf Pillow

    No. 20032931
    The Running Wolf Pillow is custom-made by Faribault of Minnesota for Filson with a Pacific Northwest Native-inspired wolf and iceberg design. It’s built with an outer shell of a super-soft Merino wool/cotton blend and a down insert for warmth and comfort.
  • Running Wolf Blanket

    Running Wolf Blanket

    No. 20032930
    Custom-made with a Merino wool/cotton blend by Faribault of Minnesota, this blanket features a Pacific Northwest Native-inspired wolf and iceberg design and a black felted trim.
  • Sherpa Dog Bed

    Sherpa Dog Bed

    No. 20031531
    This dog bed is made of a soft polar fleece (with poly fill inside) in our classic Mackinaw Plaid pattern, and is backed in a durable cotton canvas.
  • Limited Edition Chelan Chair

    Limited Edition Chelan Chair

    No. 20014432
    A versatile folding chair good from the campsite to the ballpark.
  • Alaska Fishing Gold Rush of the 1980s

    Alaska Fishing Gold Rush of the 1980s

    No. 20006078
    This signed, 346-page hardcover photo essay book captures the Alaska fishing gold rush of the 1980s, with 600 photos and 20 stories
  • Twill Travel Tray
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    Twill Travel Tray

    No. 11069157
    Rugged Twill, fully closable catch-all tray inspired by vintage paratrooper gear
  • Dog Collar
    More Colors Available

    Dog Collar

    No. 11090101
    This 1"-wide Bridle Leather collar has an O-ring for safety

    Embossing Available

  • Dog Leash
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    Dog Leash

    No. 11090102
    Our 5'-long dog leash is made of saddle-grade Bridle Leather for reliable use despite repeated twisting and bending

    Embossing Available


9 Item(s)

Compare 1 items ->