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The Manliest Shirt of All Time

February 25, 2014
People just won't understand a grown-ass man dressing like Superman (or Batman, or Spiderman, or—heaven forbid—Aquaman) walking down the street. Fortunately, we have the next best thing. The Filson Alaskan Guide shirt ($110). First off, it's cut like a dress shirt. It's light enough to wear with a T-shirt under it and just heavy enough to manage a sweatshirt under it for the colder days this spring. You won't be mistaken for a Johnny-come-lately Pacific Northwest hipster wannabe in this thing. Far from it.You can't go wrong with any color combo, but I highly suggest the veritably lumberjack-y red plaid (known colloquially as Buffalo plaid). It'll give passersby the impression that you're some sort of mountain man who fights bears with his bare hands. Sure, in actuality you're just a measly graphic designer who works with his hands and owns a Grizzly Bear album, but they don't need to know that. You're putting out more good, hard, manly vibes than a radio station who plays nothing but Bootsy Collins bass lines. So do as I say, reader: discard that slovenly flannel you've been rocking. Upgrade your look. You may not be a superhero, but you sure can dress like one off-duty. 

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