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It's Classy to be Classic

Autumn-Winter 2012
It’s Classy to be Classic Putting Style Ahead of Fashion, Discerning Independent-Minded Wearers of Classic Tailoring, Authentic Preppy and Workwear by Redefining Modern Menswear Modern menswear is undergoing a fundamental cultural change. There is a new breed of informed style advocate around— and they are taking a stand. They refuse to follow the vagaries for archetypal, well-constructed and iconic menswear, informed by notions of preppy styles, military workwear, utility and British and American heritage clothing. This male consumer will hunt for the definitive shoe, the acutely cut shirt, the precise weight denim and the appropriately finished T-shirt. He appreciates the history, quality, and integrity of the brands he chooses to wear. A purist, he will often buy the same clothing product time after time— steadfast style being a core principle. His reference points are classic styles and authentic menswear garments. Fueling these consumers are brands that capture the honest notion of well-designed products. The list of companies is a catalogue of the ultimate in British and American style, including: Carhartt, Filson, Red Wing, Woolrich, Pendleton, Levi’s, Ralph Lauren, Brooks Brothers, Sunspel, Util and Visvim… An American brand that has remained relevant is Filson. Since 1897 the company has been providing natural, comfortable and rugged clothing appropriated by hunters and fisherman. ‘People are now looking to more timeless collections and brands with a distinct history and design aesthetic,’ explains Mark Korros, President and CEO of Filson. ‘Throw-away fashion has been at the forefront for such a significant amount of time now, that people want to go back to finding classic, quality pieces that are worth their investment and will last.’ Brands that have a story, character and that do not follow the mainstream aesthetic are now appealing to consumers. ‘Men research and find what they want,” explains Korros. ‘The story behind the brand, from its ethos right through to the construction of the clothing is important.’ Filson’s unfaltering philosophy in remaining true to itself makes its products transgenerational. ‘The ability to carry forward our philosophy— the history and knowledge held by the brand, the workmen and the pioneers behind it— is what makes its heritage clothing so coveted,’ Korros explains. ‘You are not just buying an item of clothing, you are buying into the timeline and becoming part of the story, moving it into the here and now.’…

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