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Fodor’s Approved: Best Carry-On Bags

September 24, 2012
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Expert travelers may disagree when it comes to the most breathtaking beach, the most thrilling destination, or the best digs on the planet to rest our wandering bones. But there's no debating one thing: We avoid checking a bag at all costs. Who can afford to waste time, money, and street cred waiting around an airport conveyor belt? With that question in mind, we road tested bins full of bags and came up with the ultimate list of Fodor's-approved carry-ons. After taking our favorites for a spin, stuffing them in overhead bins and car trunks, every last one of us is a carry-on convert (yes, even those of us that pack for the unexpected–like a black-tie dinner just in case we bump into a world leader on our Southwest flight). Filson: Wheeled Carry-On ($495) Best for men on the move This handsome and masculine bag features a classic, old-school look along with plenty of zippered compartments for toiletries and clothes. Ideal for a long weekend away, it has room for men's and women's outfits (including shoes!) and fits easily in overhead bins—even on smaller planes. Our big request: Lighten up the base weight, as it's a bit tough to lift and lug. "I love the look of the bag," enthuses Nicole Campoy, blog editor. "It's very handsome and was very easy to pack (and un-pack, and re-pack). It's an expensive bag, but I would love to give it as a splurge gift. I also really like how distinct it is at any airport. But it was tough to lug around on my own."

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