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Tailgate Review

Spring 2014
Time to take a look at a few new items for spring: Filson Mansfield Blaze Orange Soft Shell Jacket with Polartec Power Shield Pro Read More

Top-Notch Sporting Vests

March 1, 2014
The sporting clays competition season will soon be starting in earnest, even across the northern part of the country. For those of us who sit out the winter, it’s time to detail shotguns, stock up on shot shells, and get our accessories and shooting apparel ready to break some clays. Read More

See Colorado's Stunning High Country In Filson's "Open Door to Solitude"

February 24, 2014
Filson captures the beautiful high country of Colorado as traveled by longtime Filson customer, Ed Zevely. Read More

The Manliest Shirt of All Time

February 25, 2014
Here's something they never tell you when you're a kid: you can't wear a superhero outfit when you grow up. No sir, they tell you, people will talk. It's not a good look.  Read More

Baselworld 2014: Filson's First Watch Collection

March 31, 2014
Our first look at the in-development timepieces, built by hand with Shinola in Detroit Read More

Filson Ages Gracefully

March 31, 2014
The oldest person in the world is 115 years old. Filson is 116. Read More

A Legacy of Quality: How Filson's Unfailing Goods Have Stood the Test of Time and Trends

March 17, 2014
Founded in 1897 in Seattle, Filson started as a clothing and blanket manufacturer that outfitted the type of men who were seeking their fortune during the Alaska Gold Rush—selling hard-wearing, durable gear that was guaranteed to perform in the most demanding conditions. Read More

Filson Celebrates 100 years of its Iconic Cruiser Design

March 4, 2014
A great design can last for ages, and Filson’s iconic Cruiser is one that fits that bill. Originally designed in 1912 and patented in 1914, it was made using innovative features that have helped keep it relevant throughout the years. Now, Filson is celebrating the Cruiser's 100 Year… Read More

Natural Selection

January 2014
Whether it's a new jacket or a smart-looking tie you're after, you can't go wrong with wool Read More

Weekend Warrior

January 2014
Max Killough's style profile featuring the Filson duffle bag Read More

Travel: Good to Go

December 2013
Amazing Adventures Read More

Take a look inside the new Filson Store - Downtown Aspen

December 6, 2013
Filson annouces the opening of a new store in Aspen, Colorado. The brand’s first retail location in the U.S. outside the Pacific Northwest, as CEO Alan Kirk points out, they couldn’t be better placed. Read More

Filson Opens Aspen Store

December 3, 2013
Having opened its first international store in London last spring, the new Aspen store is the company's first retail location in the U.S. outside the Pacific Northwest. Open to the public December 3, the shop will offer a mix of Filson signature luggage, leather accessories, apparel and… Read More


December 2013
Filson Cover Cloth Jacket, Mackinaw Wool Vest, and Original Sportsman Bag featured in an article about medical costs for travelers Read More

Carry with Confidence

December, 2013
Form and function meet in this water repellent oil-finish cotton and leather briefcase with plenty of utility pockets Read More

Sporting Life

November 2013
The perfect travel shirt can be so hard to find. That's why classic American brand Filson introduced its Seattle Fit Shirt, which comes in multiple fabrics, earlier this summer. It is a slimmer version of Filson's Alaska Fit Shirt. We recommend the long-sleeved shirt in merino wool ($225;… Read More

Filson Opening Aspen Location

November 26, 2013
Outdoor retailer Filson opened its first U.S. location outside the Pacific Northwest on Friday, bringing signature luggage, leather accessories, apparel and outerwear to the outdoorsy town of Aspen. Read More

Filson x Shinola Bixby Bicycle

November 12, 2013
Filson and Shinola, two acclaimed heritage brands renowned for their workmanship and high-quality product offering, have teamed up to produce a limited-edition interpretation of Shinola’s classic Bixby silhouette. Read More

Filson + AEV

November 11, 2013
Some of America's finest specialty manufacturers kit out a special edition Brute Read More

Kit: Upland Hunting

November 8, 2013
As the mercury drops, game enthusiasts from across the fruited plain trade in their drift boats and fly rods for double barreled breach-break shotguns, some blaze orange, and a Labrador, if they’re lucky. Read More

Best Laptop and Tablet Bags for the Holidays

November 5, 2013
Filson has been making rugged outdoor apparel and gear since 1897, and its Padded Computer Bag continues the company's tradition, with a briefcase made with rugged twill and bridle leather construction. Read More

Filson Horween Leather Totes

November 5, 2013
The man’s man of outerwear Filson reworks its classic cotton tote bag with the help of longtime collaborator and Chicago-based tannery, the Horween Leather Company. Read More

A Tale of Two Filsons: The Alaska and Seattle Fits

October 30, 2013
Filson's been killing it lately under the design eye of Paul Choi, who's not only introduced technical fabrics into the mix, but forward-thinking clothes that look to the past like the Guide Work Jacket. The Seattle company isn't alienating their old consumers by any means, and they're… Read More

Inside a Factory Makeover

October 23, 2013
How Filson created a production facility as fresh as its hip outdoor apparel--and boosted luggage output 50 percent Read More

The Softer Wilderness Coat

October 15, 2013
Seattle's venerable Filson company has long been known for the ruggedness of its handsome fabrics, most famously its 12.5-ounce, oil-finished tin cloth, cotton's badass cousin. For more than a century, the company has used this stuff to build tough, water-shedding jackets ideal for working… Read More


October/November 2013
Filson CEO Alan Kirk dismisses the idea that a 116-year-old clothing brand can't be entrepreneurial Read More

African Safari: Bale Mountain Lodge

Filson Tin Cloth Bush hat featured top 5 list of Safari-travel inspired must-haves Read More


October 4, 2013
Filson - Still gold to be found in label that dressed prospectors Read More

O Pioneers!

October, 2013
We head to the historic buildings in and around Occidental Square Read More

The Art of Heritage

October, 2013
Somewhere in the archives at Filson, there has got to be a usable, functional, and wonderfully broken-in piece of luggage from the 1800s... and it probably wouldn't look that much different from the bags they make today. Read More

Filson Scout Pants Reinforced

September-October 2013
I used to have a favorite pair of hunting pants - not too heavy, not too light, but just right ... Without question, I have found their equal, if not better, in Filson's new Scout Pants Reinforced. Read More

Filson and J.Crew Update Americana Classics

September 25, 2013
Last month J. Crew launched their Discovered section, a thoughtfully-selected webstore full of goods like spread-collar chambray shirt, D.S. & Durga colognes, and Private White V.C. jackets. Now, they're amping it up with a special collection from Seattle outfitter Filson. Read More

Fly Fishing in the Rockies

September 19, 2013
Filson's waxed Tin Cloth is legendary for keeping outdoorsmen dry and comfortable during foul weather. Read More

Fanfair: Varsity Team

September 2013
Nostalgic looks for the well-dressed man Read More

Field Test: Sole Searching

September 2013
Our annual quest to identify the best new hunting boots for the coming season Read More

40 Global fashion brands

September 2013
If your impression of London shopping is streets so full that you can barely move, then the village-like atmosphere of the Newburgh Quarter will be a breath of fresh air. Read More

Celebrating 10 Years: The Best Vans Vault Releases of All Time

August 2, 2013
Filson has been turning out their leather and canvas outdoor products since 1897, and as such their products should be immediately recognizable. Read More

The Daily Endorsement: A New Use for Filson's Tin Cloth Dog Bowl

August, 8 2013
If I don't strategically put all my pocket pickups somewhere specific my apartment will be overrun with them. A few weeks back I saw this dog bowl at a Filson store--there was no sign that said it was a dog bowl. Read More

Filson's New "Seattle Fit"

August 6, 2013
Filson is known for its hard wearing goods built for avid outdoorsmen and elements like the harshest winters. But as the appeal of such well made, durable goods moved past the woodsmen set, the fit could sometimes be a problem. Read More

Liberty Trade Show

August 5, 2013
You don’t have to be a huntsman to appreciate Filson’s take on the hunter’s bag. Read More

Filson Interview

August 1, 2013
Read More

A Delicate Balance: Filson is Evolving the Classics

August 01, 2013
Filson was a heritage brand before the term was even used. Their products served a purpose that inspired a fierce devotion among the woodsman and hunters of the Pacific Northwest. Read More

Short Cruiser Jacket by Filson

July 31, 2013
Before we know it, we will once again be reaching for a light jacket as we are walking out the door each morning. Though we already have a few that we know will do the job, a recent addition to the Filson lineup will absolutely be finding it’s way into our rotation this Fall. Read More

Filson Tote Briefcase

July 30, 2013
Even if you don't spend your weekdays working outside, you can still add a touch of outdoorsy ruggedness to your daily carry with the Filson Tote Briefcase. Read More

Filson Mixes It Up

July 29, 2013
Filson is a brand that takes pride in doing things the old fashioned way—crafting durable outdoor gear for over a century without ever sacrificing their standards. Read More

Filson's Refreshing New Classics

July 29, 2013
Even icons need upgrades. Read More

Filson Bag & Luggage Fall 2013 Collection

July 29, 2013
Filson preview their Fall/Winter 2013 collection of bags and luggage, which features a mix of the iconic pieces that made their name and some more contemporary pieces. Read More

An Urban Take on Outdoor Classics

July 29, 2013
Filson's new Seattle Fit, named for the company's hometown, is not exactly a departure from the brand's outfitting roots Read More

Filson - Fall 2013 Bag Collection

July 28, 2013
Renowned for their quality outdoor clothing, gear and luggage, the All-American brand, Filson unveils its bag collection for this Fall 2013. Read More

Kyle Johnson's Lookout Project

July 28, 2013
Kyle Johnson was commissioned by Filson to photograph gradually decaying wildfire lookout points in Washington State Forests. Read More

Filson Large Twill Carry-On Travel Bag

July 26, 2013
Filson's range of luggage still remains a constant source of appeal despite my often fluctuating enthusiasm for the outdoors. Read More

Filson Autumn/Winter Bag Collection 2013

July 26, 2013
Newly released for Autumn/Winter 2013, the outdoorsman lifestyle brand presents their newest selection of bags featuring a range of twill fabrics and cloth. Read More

Southern Style for Him

October-November 2012
Bag: Made of selvage denim and natural-colored leather, Filson’s new casual duffel stands up to the abuses of air travel and the open road and looks better with age ($298; Read More

Cool Carryalls

October 2012
Strap the world on your back and go with this gigantic carryall that has bold stripes for a unique style statement Read More

Cool Carryalls

October 2012
Read More

How to Dress for Any Situation

Fall 2012
How to Dress for Any Situation - At the Game and Gloves for Any Occasion Read More

Fodor’s Approved: Best Carry-On Bags

September 24, 2012
Expert travelers may disagree when it comes to the most breathtaking beach, the most thrilling destination, or the best digs on the planet to rest our wandering bones. But there's no debating one thing: We avoid checking a bag at all costs. Read More

New Products from Filson

September 24, 2012
Filson has announced three new clothing products following the design success of their Guide Wading Jacket: Guide Waders, Midweight Polartec® Pullover Shirt, and Midweight Polartec Pullover Pants. They’re all set for release in Spring of 2013. Read More

Filson upgrades fly fishing product offering in spring 2013

September 21, 2012
In Spring 2013, Filson will introduce a fly fishing assortment that will offer updated design technologies to better suit the angler. Read More

Best of the Vests

September-October 2012
Most of us have a favorite upland vest, one that’s well worn enough to be as comfortable as an old friend, even if it’s not in the best shape. But what do we do when it’s time to retire “Old Reliable”? Sometimes you have to go through a few models to find the same perfect fit and the… Read More

Look Good, Hunt Better

September 2012
Great hunting apparel needs to be functional and performance driven, but nobody says it shouldn’t look good too. While few people will ever view hunters in the same light as football players or Olympic runners, there is no doubt that hunting is a performance sport. We spend long hours… Read More

Beat-Up, Broken-In & Beautiful

May 2012
Filson Padded Computer Bag First introduced 2000 This one bought 2002 This isn’t a bag; It’s a challenge; A fresh Filson brief ($315) is like a new passport: The real fun is using (and abusing) it as much as possible. Read More

Quick Shots: Sporting Emporium

April 2012
Quick Shots: Sporting Emporium -Filson Field Shirt Read More

The Essential Casual Wardrobe: Gallery

March 2012
What follows are expertly constructed, smartly designed clothes in a range of prices, with options that will remind you why as much thinking goes into a sweater, a jean jacket, or a pair of boxers as into a suit. Read More


March 2012
Read More

Stash and Carry

January 2012
Read More

Reasons to Love Seattle in the Winter

December 2011
Reasons to Love Seattle in the Winter 13. Our Homegrown Winter Duds Are Stylish E. Scarlet Mackinaw Cruiser Filson’s replica of a 1922 wool work shirt has a special pocket for your vintage compass— you never leave home without it, right? $350, Read More

Pioneering Spirit

December 2011
A company with ties to the Gold Rush creates a bag tailored to the 21st century. Clinton C. Filson was well into middle age by the time he established his outfitter company near the end of the 19th century. Prior to settling in Seattle in the 1890s, Filson had homesteaded in Nebraska and… Read More

Great Carry-Ons

December 2011- January 2012
Whatever your style, these wheelies will help you pack smart— whether you want a soft duffle or a hard case Read More

THE WOODSMAN Leather Gloves

December 2011
Love for the Glove Picking the right protection for your mitts isn’t as easy as it seems. Select the closest approximation to your profession and we’ll select the right gloves for you this winter. THE WOODSMAN Leather Gloves Find yourself working outdoors more often than not? Do you hang… Read More

My Grandmother, The Style Icon

December 2011
On a cross-country trip, one woman channels the look of Hollywood in the golden era. Read More

Buffalo Stance: The Best Plaid Accessories of the Season

December 2011
That bold check pattern you're seeing everywhere? It's not going away anytime soon. Get on board now Filson $150 Available at Read More

Winter Wanderlust Essentials For Him

December 2011
Cozy gear for the traveling guy. Regardless of where your holiday destination might be, updating your wardrobe for winter is a must. These simple pieces will keep you warm throughout your entire trip. Winter Wanderlust Accessories Filson’s new “Bison Accessories” line is aptly named, since… Read More

Quality Never Goes Out of Style

December 2011
Neither do the classic looks from these American companies. We dig through their archives and pick our favorite pieces for the modern wardrobe. “Might as well have the best” is the Filson motto, and they’re not kidding. The Seattle-based company has been crafting a version of these nearly… Read More

Layering Is Cake

November 2011
When the winter wind blows, sandwich a warming wool vest between a heavy sweater and a topcoat. Read More

Gift Guide: Vintage Fiend

November 29, 2011
Gift Guide: Vintage Fiend Read More

It's Classy to be Classic

Autumn-Winter 2012
It’s Classy to be Classic Putting Style Ahead of Fashion, Discerning Independent-Minded Wearers of Classic Tailoring, Authentic Preppy and Workwear by Redefining Modern Menswear Modern menswear is undergoing a fundamental cultural change. There is a new breed of informed style advocate… Read More

The Jacket: Filson's Historical Remake

October 2011
Fresh Picks: Fashion News THE JACKET Filson’s Historic Remake Seattle’s heritage famously includes grunge rock; coffee; ever-present rain— and the red Filson Cruiser. The Cruiser, which is a jacket, not a boat, was first issued in 1922 by the Seattle-based outdoor outfitter. On Nov. 1, as… Read More

Filson x Sebago

October 11, 2011
Filson x Sebago Capsule Collection “Tis the Season to Share…” And so Filson will be sharing its signature weather resistant fabric and timeless silhouettes with another American classic, Sebago. To come in various footwear, apparel, and luggage, each to have the distinctive Sebago… Read More

Sebago x Filson Collection

October 2011
Filson has teamed up with premium footwear brand Sebago to release a collection of co-branded footwear, apparel and luggage for Fall/Winter 2011. Combining both brands’ legacies of quality craftsmanship, the collaboration, marries Filson’s signature fabrics and silhouettes with Sebago’s… Read More

The Lucky Fall Bag Guide: Weekenders

October 2011
Something about this bag emanates “world traveler,” in an unpretentious way. LEATHER-TRIM OILED-FINISH TWILL, $295,FILSON.COM Read More

Uplander Gear and Dog Tags

October 2011
The Complete Uplander From head to toe, we’ve got you covered with the best new upland gear for both you and your bird dog. Dog Tags Filson’s Reversible Dog Coat is water repellent and has a soft moleskin collar. ($50; Read More

Mountain Man Mode

September 2011
Westward, bro! Fall’s handsomest designs are inspired by the burly, moody Pacific Northwest Oscar Wilde once quipped that Rocky Mountain miners were the best-dressed men in America. Many years later, the fashion world would seem to agree with him. Menswear manufacturers—from break-out… Read More

Guide to Style

September 2011
Outfit features Tommy Hilfiger Blazer, Hamilton Shirt, Gap Jeans, Thomas Pink Handkerchief, Filson Duffle, Cole Haan Shoes Read More

Red Plaid

August 2011
Spin His Style - Cheap Monday Neo Shirt, H & M Chess Scarf, Filson Small Wool Field Bag Read More

Bags - Canvas

Fall 2011
Canvas Bags - Boss Orange Cirtin, Filson Medium Field Bag, Ben Minkoff Michael Weekender, Acne Everest, Levi's Made & Crafted Dark Navy Delivery, Fold substation, will Leather Goods La Manta Messenger, Propoerty Of..Tommy Backpack, Billy Reid Log Carrier and Timo Weiland Read More

BMOC- Bad Man On Campus

September 2011
The world keeps getting preppier every day― and designers are taking the style to its brashest and boldest heights ever. Here, our favorite polymath (actor, comedian, writer, wrapper), Donald Glover, wears this NEW CLASS OF COLORFUL VARSITY GEAR while shredding across the UCLA campus Read More

Filson x Sebago 2011 Fall/Winter Collection

August 2011
Sebago, predominately known for their boaters, teams up with Filson for a distinct line of workwear inspired beige and brown shoes, jackets, and bags. The rough look is absolutely vintage as the pieces are of high quality and capable designs. The collection is the perfect mix between urban… Read More

Filson x Sebago 2011 Fall/Winter Collection

August 2011
New from Sebago, a distinctly American dockside brand established in Michigan in 1946, comes a full collaborative collection with Filson. Decked out almost entirely in Filson’s rough and distinct Tin Cloth beige canvas, the line includes several pairs of shoes as well as three sets of bags… Read More

Sebago x Filson Autumn/Winter 2011 Collection

August 2011
After several previews, we can give you a more detailed look at the new collaborative collection by Sebago and Filson. The collection features the sophisticated Filson Tin Cloth material mixed with Sebago’s high quality leather to create durable outerwear, accessories and footwear.… Read More

Making It in America

August 2011
Filson’s Cruiser jackets and twill rucksacks blended seamlessly with Seattle’s grunge aesthetic in the 1990s, but the local outfitter dates further back― to the great Klondike Gold Rush of 1897. The company still manufactures in its Seattle factory, where workers manually cut leather snap… Read More

Made in America: Hearth & Heritage

August 2011
We teamed with the experts at Archival Clothing, an Oregon-based retailer and staunch proponent of domestic production, to curate a list of rugged products that are made on American soil FILSON WOOL MACKINAW VEST Filson makes this classic vest in Seattle, Washington. Highly functional,… Read More

Filson Offers Its Gear in Black

August 2011
It took 114 years, but rugged outfitter Filson is now making a variety of its products in black leather and other fabrics. Known for their durable bags and outdoor gear built to last, much of their leather goods are made from super-tough bridle leather. We think the wool bags are… Read More

Groomsmen Gifts: What Gives?

July 2011
JFK gave his guys monogrammed Brooks Brothers umbrellas: modest but memorable. As wedding season heats up, a look at some new-classic keepsakes Oil Finish Tote Bag $85, Read More

Classing Up Camp-Heirloom Luggage

July 2011
Not only do heavy canvas and rich leather look fantastic, they wear like iron. No matter if your travels are deer camp or into the farthest depths of the Okawanga, Filson luggage will arrive in style and still be there to regift to your grandchildren. Guaranteed for life and available in… Read More


June/July 2011
Still hauling your sand essentials in a plastic grocery bag? Graduate to a manly beach tote. This one from Filson was originally made for hunting and fishing, with a water-resistant oil finish so it can take a few beatings while looking good enough for offshore excursions. Oil Finish Tote… Read More

The Rucksack

July 2011
The all-purpose carry all for your summer excursions. Regardless of the season, a man’s need to carry around the basic necessities remains. In the summer, however, with sports equipment, camping gear, picnic stuff and the occasional six-pack to transport, a canvas or leather rucksack… Read More

Gear Bags for Men

June 2011
He [K. Cooper Ray] also recommends Filson, which has outfitted sportsmen with apparel and luggage since the Gold Rush days. Filson’s “Padded Computer Bag” ($215) is sectioned and pocketed and the “Pullman” ($370) is a travel-savvy weekender. Both are made of rugged waterproof twill with… Read More

Father’s Day Gift Guide

June 2011
As if shopping for Mother’s Day wasn’t hard enough, this weekend brings the one day a year we can celebrate dear old Dad. We polled our editors (who, as it turns out, have all different sorts of fathers and father figures) to find out what they were gifting them this year. After all, their… Read More


June 2011
Whether it’s an overnighter or weeklong getaway, toting one of these seven fresh canvas bags will make your arrival on point. Filson $99 Read More

Filson Open at Seattle Skeet and Trap

June 2011
Seattle Skeet and Trap Club hosted the Second Annual Filson Open registered sporting clays shoot on April 30 and May 1. With over 100 shooters, “The Filson” is on its way to becoming the place to be for sporting clays in early May. Saturday, the first day of the shoot, Mother Nature… Read More

19 Ways to Celebrate Dad - Take a look at our Father’s Day gift picks

June 2011
Filson Cover Cloth Packer Hat. After years of unsuccessful attempts at kicking his touristy tendencies (24 photos of one street performer? Really?), we’re happy to settle on at least dressing him cuter for the part. Available at, $49 Read More

Style Watch

June 2011
Seattle-based Filson got its start in 1897 by outfitting miners as they headed north through Seattle to prospect for gold. Over 100 years later, the brand still delivers durable, handsome outdoor gear― like jackets, bags and outdoor accessories― to a dedicated following of outdoor… Read More

Keep That Puppy on This Leash

June 2011
You should never dress your dog, and you should never, ever dress your dog to look like you. The rule-proving exception? Filson’s canine gear. The bridle leather lead and collar are as rugged as Filson’s bridle leather belt, which you should already own. Just untuck your shirt when you… Read More

Tailgate Review

May 2011
For the traveling bird hunter who packs loads of gear, nothing beats a roomy duffle bag. And for style as well as function, nothing beats a Filson bag. Built of 22-ounce 100% cotton oil finished water repellent rugged twill with heavy-duty brass zippers, the duffles are tough enough to… Read More

Warriors of the Weekend (Bag)

May 2011
Pity the man who carries a gym bag on weekend getaways. Not only because he looks like a kid packing for a sleepover, but also because it says something about him: he doesn’t get away much. But, even if the trip is rare, these canvas bags project the right mix of well-travelled… Read More

Filson Preview at The Ace Hotel

May 2011
Last week we had the pleasure of visiting Filson’s pop-up showroom at Manhattan’s Ace Hotel. The Active Team’s long been fans of the classic upland hunting and fly fishing outfitters, and we were thrilled to see many old favorites well represented at this event, but what really caught our… Read More

The Shoes of Summer 2011

May 2011
Twenty pairs that'll take you from the office to the beach and back, in style For the Music Festival-Bound Uplander chukkas by Filson, $235, Read More

Technical Pup

May 2011
Winter isn’t the only time Fido needs an extra layer. Give him the same rain protection you sport during the Spring with the Filson Shelter Cloth Dog Coat ($70). The water-repellent shell can be reversed to expose their signature red/black plaid Mackinaw wool lining and features an extra… Read More

Driven Edition

May 2011
Filson Zippered Tote Still on the waxed canvas kick, an indispensable zippered tote bag from classic American brand Filson. Stylish, tough as nails and made in the U.S.A., of course. Read More

SIA Snow Show Daily

Consumer confidence returning, but style, simplicity still dictate sales volume. Attribute it to good early snow conditions in parts of the country or the turning tides of the economy, but many retailers are walking around the Show with a spring in their step, a broad smile and good early… Read More

2011 Local Outdoor Gear Preview

March 2011
Since 1897, Filson has been supplying hunters, fishermen, loggers and others with rugged, attractive outdoor gear and clothing—much of it crafted in the company’s SoDo factory. While Filson is more about time-tested designs that never go out of style, every so often the company does roll… Read More

Hunting for Shooting Accessories

March 2011
Filson Dry-Finish Tin Cloth Shooting Jacket I’m no fan of Filson’s waxed Tin Cloth apparel, which I find too stiff and heavy, but I give the company’s dry-finish Tin Cloth clothing an enthusiastic two thumbs up. The new Dry Finish Tin Cloth Shooting Jacket in 100-percent cotton has the… Read More

Bring With

Winter 2010
Bags For Sturdy Schlepping Roomy enough to haul almost any travel gear, Filson’s stylishly reimagined classic carryall comes in bright red and black wool. Read More

Gray's Best 2011

Expeditions and Guides 2011
Sure, we’d all rather hunt birds under a Dresden blue sky wearing little more than a shooting shirt and a strap vest. But sometimes hunters must prepare for less than idyllic conditions. That’s why Filson, a longtime manufacturer of premier bird-hunting apparel, created its Wingshooting… Read More

Our Guarantee for Over 100 Years Has Never Changed

"We guarantee every item purchased from us. No more, no less. Your satisfaction is the sole purpose of our transaction." — Clinton C. Filson, 1897

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