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Featured Article

A Legacy of Quality: How Filson's Unfailing Goods Have Stood the Test of Time and Trends

March 17, 2014
While many outdoorsmen still swear by the brand, some 110 years later, Filson found itself thrust into in a new, fashionable light. Around 2007, menswear blogs like A Continuous Lean pushed a style agenda that favored easy-wearing, American-manufactured gear that channeled the pioneering spirit of men who worked with their hands and probably killed their dinner. Filson gained a following for its ruggedly professional luggage and storied outerwear… Read More

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A Legacy of Quality: How Filson's Unfailing Goods Have Stood the Test of Time and Trends

March 17, 2014
Founded in 1897 in Seattle, Filson started as a clothing and blanket manufacturer that outfitted the type of men who were seeking their fortune during the Alaska Gold Rush—selling hard-wearing, durable gear that was guaranteed to perform in the most demanding conditions. Read More

Filson Celebrates 100 years of its Iconic Cruiser Design

March 4, 2014
A great design can last for ages, and Filson’s iconic Cruiser is one that fits that bill. Originally designed in 1912 and patented in 1914, it was made using innovative features that have helped keep it relevant throughout the years. Now, Filson is celebrating the Cruiser's 100 Year… Read More

Tailgate Review

Spring 2014
Time to take a look at a few new items for spring: Filson Mansfield Blaze Orange Soft Shell Jacket with Polartec Power Shield Pro Read More

Top-Notch Sporting Vests

March 1, 2014
The sporting clays competition season will soon be starting in earnest, even across the northern part of the country. For those of us who sit out the winter, it’s time to detail shotguns, stock up on shot shells, and get our accessories and shooting apparel ready to break some clays. Read More

See Colorado's Stunning High Country In Filson's "Open Door to Solitude"

February 24, 2014
Filson captures the beautiful high country of Colorado as traveled by longtime Filson customer, Ed Zevely. Read More

The Manliest Shirt of All Time

February 25, 2014
Here's something they never tell you when you're a kid: you can't wear a superhero outfit when you grow up. No sir, they tell you, people will talk. It's not a good look.  Read More

Baselworld 2014: Filson's First Watch Collection

March 31, 2014
Our first look at the in-development timepieces, built by hand with Shinola in Detroit Read More

Filson Ages Gracefully

March 31, 2014
The oldest person in the world is 115 years old. Filson is 116. Read More

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Our Guarantee for Over 100 Years Has Never Changed

"We guarantee every item purchased from us. No more, no less. Your satisfaction is the sole purpose of our transaction." — Clinton C. Filson, 1897

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