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Business Planner/Inventory Analyst » Seattle Washington

Our history begins in 1897 when C.C. Filson designed Mackinaw Wool apparel and rugged boots to outfit the explorers of the great Klondike Gold Rush.  In that era, clothing wasn't a matter of choice but survival.  Clinton C. Filson designed and manufactured durable, outdoor clothing for miners, loggers, fishermen, mariners, and explorers who spent time roaming and working the harsh wilderness between Washington and Alaska.  He built products with the highest quality materials available and treated his customers with a level of respect and honesty that was truly an innovation of his time.

Over 100 years later, Filson stands by the same guiding principles.  When a customer buys a Filson product, they can be confident they have purchased the highest quality product available, guaranteed to withstand the test of time.  
Business Planner/Inventory Analyst

This role is vital to the analysis of sales performance and planning assortments in Filson retail stores.  This role leads to the actual production of the product at sewing factory located at our Headquarter offices in Seattle, Washington.   The individual in this position will work closely with selling reports, industry trends and other important data to correctly develop and monitor the assortment and plan business ownership of inventory.
The individual in this role plays a critical part in the execution of Filson’s sales and profit goals.  Successful execution in this position results in individual and peers to achieve the team’s sales, inventory goal, and process goals.  Success is measured in performance against sales, margin and inventory turnover targets.
This position collaborates with the Inventory Manager and reports to Director of Purchasing and Inventory. 

  • Develops sales plans at a classification level, at a key item level, and retail store locations and manages development of min and max inventory levels.  Manages seasonal conversions in retail stores.Develops sales, inventory, and receipt plans by family of business at a top line level, department, class, and style level and retail store the Inventory Manager and team and executing results into practice.
  • Analyzes product trends and performance. Analyzes color size and style performance communicating trends.
  • Assists Inventory Manager in Forecasts of sales and product demand. Communicates best sellers,slow sellers, and trends in the business.
  • Manages product inventory flow to sales demand and budget.
  • Prepares  and analyzes reports on missed opportunities such as key items, sales classification reports and selling results at an item and classifications and manages to business plans.
  • Prepares product buy plans and monitoring inventory and buys to plans.
  • Works on special projects as needed.
  • Performs sales recaps at a style level of marketing events.

  •  Proficient in Microsoft Applications:  Word, Outlook, high skill level in Excel using Functions such as PivotTables, Look-up and Sum-if functions and working with multiple databases.
  • Excellent time management skills; ability to prioritize multiple tasks to ensure deadlines are achieved.
  • Highly organized, accurate and attention to detail.
  • Self starter with “Can-do” attitude.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Ability to work independently  and also support  the team’s objectives and goals.
  • College degree and 2-4 years related work experience as buyer, planner, and or inventory analyst.

Seattle, Washington

Affectionately known as the "Emerald City", Seattle offers the best in combining a cosmopolitan vibe with a stunning natural backdrop that includes mountains, water, and lush greenery. There is something for everyone - theatre, boating, snow and water skiing, the symphony, gardens, bike paths, technology, micro breweries, fine dining, vibrant neighborhoods, hiking, shopping, fishing, outdoor festivals, and world class markets. Whatever you like, you can do it in Seattle and surrounding areas. Seattle offers all 4 seasons with its oceanic climate - typically not too hot or too cold. With a rainy reputation, it is surprising to note that Seattle typically gets less rain than Boston, New York, or Atlanta. We love our coffee, our ethnic and cultural diversity, and the natural beauty of the area. We are proud to call Seattle home since 1897.