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Reflections on a Rhode Island Ramble: Fly Fishing with Forest Woodward

I grew up in the mountains of North Carolina. At the age of one I was fortunate to meet my best friend Jacob, and over the course of the next 26 years we have had countless misadventures. Emphasis on the mis. When Jacob came to visit me in the spring of this year, we decided to load up my old Scout for old times sake and head North in search of fish and maybe a little (mis)adventure. We found one of those things. 6:00 we load up the Scout with rods and waders, and put the peddle to the metal cruising out of town on the BQE at top speed - a scorching 45 mph.


Words and Photography by Forest Woodward.


7:30 - As we drive out past the Brooklyn bridge, eager to be out of the city and into the Adi...Read More

Snapshot: Here Kitty Kitty by Kelly James

Kelly James is a long-time friend of Filson and an inspiring photographer based in the Pacific Northwest.  At the age of 13, Kelly was drawn to photography for reasons he couldn't yet explain, but by 15 could already be found working in the darkroom of the local newspaper.  Now, he has operated a commercial photography studio for over 20 years.  An avid and passionate explorer, Kelly has captured images of views, vistas, and extraordinary experiences that many people will never see with their own eyes.Photos courtesy of Kelly James.  All rights reserved.The road up Green Ridge snakes through dense forests until you reach a place near the top where it makes a hairpin switchback and breaks int...Read More


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