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GUEST BLOG: Kristen Monroe, 3rd annual Ducks Unlimited Women’s Media Camp

Posted December 9, 2011
· Filed In: Hunting, Shooting

For every hunter out there, nothing can relate to the excitement and the memories made during that first hunt. For Kristen Monroe, her first duck hunt was certainly no exception to this well known fact. Plus to make this hunt even more unforgettable, she got to share it with some of the guys from Ducks Unlimited. As 2011 comes to…

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GUEST BLOG: David Drewry, Sea Duck Hunting the Pacific Northwest

Posted December 2, 2011
· Filed In: Happenings
Photo Credit: David Dewry

    Captain David Drewry is on the water more than he is land. As the owner and operator of Peninsula Sportsman, David shares his love for waterfowl hunting in the Northwest with others for a living. Waterfowl hunting is a passion that only those that are drawn to it will truly understand. What often comes to mind is a…

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Filson Packer coat passes the test

Posted November 30, 2011
· Filed In: Happenings

Thank you, Tim Walker, for the amazing story about the Packer coat durability! About three winters ago we had a bad refreezing of ice that was affecting a covered stair walk up to the apartment .The only option was to break it loose. When I got to the middle layer, the ice was hitting my coat fairly hard. My mother…

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Filson recommends… Low & Clear by Finback Films

Posted November 30, 2011
· Filed In: Happenings

We have been following the production and making of the inspirational fly fishing documentary “Low & Clear” by Finback Films and recommend it to all of you. You will be hooked after the first minutes of the trailer, as they take you on the journey of two longtime friends, who after years apart, come back to the river – and…

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Behind the scenes at the Filson photo shoot at Lake Isabel

Posted November 29, 2011
· Filed In: Happenings
floatplane 020

    Our Web Graphics and Catalog Creative Manager, Anne Smith, takes us behind the scenes on a flight with Kenmore Air, to Lake Isabel in Washington State’s Cascade Mountains We totally lucked out with the weather for our photo shoot!  In true North West style, it had been raining for a week solid and we slipped in with the…

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GUEST BLOG: Ben Smith, The top expert quail hunting tips

Posted November 23, 2011
· Filed In: Happenings

Filson guest blogger Ben Smith, of Arizona Wanderings, takes us on one of his Gambel’s quail hunts and leaves behind some of his expert tips. Read this and you will feel like you are right out in the field with him! As I scrambled up the side of the wash, the loose rock gave way underneath of me and I…

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Don Featon’s special Filson customer service story

Posted November 23, 2011
· Filed In: Happenings

Filson tries to evaluate each product incident to gage if we should repair/replace items damaged in use.  Some products cannot be repaired; other times, we may be able to repair it for a small cost of labor required to mend it.  In some cases we cannot accept responsibility for repair or replacement (product has been in use for many years,…

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GUEST BLOG: Judith O’Keefe’s family adventure on the Stehekin River

Posted November 18, 2011
· Filed In: Fly Fishing
Photo credit: Judith O'Keefe

    Judith O’Keefe takes us on an O’Keefe family horseback adventure in the small town of  Stehekin, Washington. This cold weather has us daydreaming about late summer outdoor escapes, just like this one. The O’Keefe family gathers together every August, not so much for a family vacation, but a family adventure.   This year was no exception. My sister-in-law, Jeanette,…

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GUEST BLOG, Kristen Monroe Busting clays at the Women on Target Shotgun Event

Posted November 17, 2011
· Filed In: Happenings

Kristen Monroe lives for the great outdoors and is always seeking to learn something new that will lead her on her next adventure. So with the opportunity to “bust some clays” at a NRA Women on Target shotgun shooting skills class, do you think she’d say no? No chance. I live by this motto; Get the most out of the…

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GUEST BLOG: Tom Slaughter, Filson clothing maintenance and preparation

Posted November 15, 2011
· Filed In: Happenings

When it comes to hunting and fishing, Tom Slaughter understands that a key aspect to a successful trip is detailed preparation. Here Tom explains how he checks and double-checks all of his Filson gear to make sure it is all suitable for his trip. We all know you never want to be stuck in the field with some damaged goods.…

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