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Wool Beats All

Posted January 19, 2012
· Filed In: Happenings

James Guthrie is no stranger to the bitter cold elements of the winter season, as he works in them each night as a carriage driver. So when we heard that Filson keeps him protected and at times sweating while on the job, we got that good old warm and fuzzy feeling. As an avid outdoor enthusiast, I’ve used modern insulators…

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GUEST BLOG: Judith O’Keefe, Flats Fishing in the Joulter Cays

Posted January 17, 2012
· Filed In: Fly Fishing

Judith O’Keefe has fished many places; saltwater, freshwater, rivers, streams, lakes, oceans, you name it, she’s done it. But for a longtime fisher(woman) like herself, a trip to the Bahamas for some bonefishing made her feel like a child on a grade-school field trip again. When you imagine your first Bahamas bonefish trip you probably envision a well appointed lodge on Andros…

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Guest blog: Cynthia Drescher, City and Soybeans

Posted January 12, 2012
· Filed In: Happenings
Photo Credit: Cynthia Drescher

For many of us, the idea of traveling the world for a living sounds like somewhat of a dream job and for Cynthia Drescher our dream is her reality. But no matter where she is, a bustling city, exotic destination or historical hub, Cynthia knows there is one place that compares to no other and that is her family farm…

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Filson in the City with Bearings

Posted January 7, 2012
· Filed In: Happenings
Photo Credit: Andrew Thomas Lee

  The gentlemen of Bearings: A Southern Lifestyle Guide for Men, live to give you the full rundown on all things when it comes to a proper man’s lifestyle. In the latest outing, “Filson in the City” , they examines the durability, versatility, and style of Filson in everyday city life. When it comes to quality outdoor gear with a…

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Posted January 4, 2012
· Filed In: Happenings

John Riutta, also known as the Well-read Naturalist, learned a thing or two as a child thanks to his father, and something that he’ll never forget is the importance of never compromising on the quality of anything that you hold close. When I was a boy, my father only ever wore two types of shoes. One pair were the traditional stout,…

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GUEST BLOG: Tommy Ellis, Bucket List

Posted December 28, 2011
· Filed In: Happenings

In an attempt to conquer his long time dreams, Tommy Ellis, recently crafted a bucket list. Tommy has every intention of checking this list off because as he recently learned, with a little help from your friends anything is possible. Bucket lists, what a fun way to take a look at what you hope to do. I had been reading…

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GUEST BLOG: Laura Schara, A Dad and His Daughters’ Pheasant Hunt

Posted December 23, 2011
· Filed In: Hunting, Shooting

As a child, Laura Schara loved to join her father on his pheasant hunts and the memories she made on these adventures still serve as a few of her fondest ones. That’s why when presented with the opportunity to join her dad and sister on a pheasant trip to South Dakota; she couldn’t have been more excited. My sister and…

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GUEST BLOG: Dennis Lynch, 4,300 Runway Models on Parade

Posted December 21, 2011
· Filed In: Events
Keeneland sales 9.10.2011

Dennis Lynch was bite by the horse bug at an early age. He has never had a job that was not associated with horses – he gets to work outside, wear comfortable clothes and watch thousands of horses develop from foals to stallions. And in his opinion, there is no better life than this. In his latest post for Filson…

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The Tin Cloth Wildfowl Hat

Posted December 20, 2011
· Filed In: Happenings
Photo Credit: Gregory Seligman

This photograph from long time Filson fan, Gregory Seligman, is quite simply perfect. Here’s his sentiment to the Tin Cloth Wildfowl hat. I have been wearing this Tin Cloth Wildfowl hat for over ten years of hard hunting. This particular day was in the 20s with a nonstop wind that made it much colder than that. I apparently didn’t even…

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Our own Amy Terai’s – A November to Remember

Posted December 16, 2011
· Filed In: Happenings
Photo Credit: Don Fenton

  Our own Amy Terai tells her story of finding her way around the field with expert help from good friend, Scott Linden. She ended up with a few pheasants, a new confidence and special memories that she will never forget.   Bird Hunting has always fascinated me, especially the dogs involvement in the activity. A few months ago, the…

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