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MACKINAW MEMORIES: Second Marriage, Second Coat By Ed McCullough

Posted August 29, 2012
· Filed In: Mackinaw Memories

In 1954, I was working in N.W. Montana. I was a city kid from Chicago and this was my first time away from home living in Montana for the year. Working for the US Forest Service, it got cold and I needed a warm coat, so I asked around (loggers, muleskinners) and everyone said get a Filson Cruiser.  Just that,…

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GUEST BLOG: #ELKTOUR – An Elk Hunting Documentary Film By Rudy From Huntography

Posted August 27, 2012
· Filed In: Hunting, Shooting

“A journey is a person in itself; no two are alike. And all plans, safeguards, policing, and coercion are fruitless. We find that after years of struggle that we do not take a trip; a trip takes us.” – John Steinbeck One day, while filming last years #DEERTOUR, I was interviewing Ryan Shoemaker, an extremely passionate bowhunter and writer from…

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MACKINAW MEMORIES: You Might as Have the Best…Memories By E. Thomas Kraycirik

Posted August 24, 2012
· Filed In: Mackinaw Memories

Doc got off the Piedmont Airline DC-3 wearing a scarlet red Filson Cruiser Jacket and an Open Road Stetson hat. To a 9-year-old boy in 1954 raised in Burlington, N.C., he was The West. My Dad was invited to hunt elk in Idaho by a distant relative. Idaho needed doctors back then and he was being courted to relocate. His…

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MACKINAW MEMORIES: My Borrowed Mack Cruiser Morning By Cheryl A. Raywood

Posted August 24, 2012
· Filed In: Mackinaw Memories

Adirondack end of summer mornings can be cold and damp, especially before 10 am., so borrowing my daughter’s Macinaw was a necessity. Moving back and forth between the creek bank and the small barn to relocate her woodpile where it would be safe from spring flooding, it kept me comfortably warm as well as dry. This jacket, now 25 years…

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Your Essential Hunting Kit Gear

Posted August 24, 2012
· Filed In: Happenings, Hunting

We enjoyed the dog days of summer luring bass and melodically casting the fly, but somewhere in the back of our mind is the long for the hunt. Well boys, hunting season is approaching and it is time to start gearing up. All hunting kits are not created equal, so we have the created a list of our most reliable…

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MACKINAW MEMORIES: Who Stole The Coat by Cindy Quest

Posted August 23, 2012
· Filed In: Mackinaw Memories

I moved to NY about 30 years ago and ended up living with a guy that had a large piece of property and a wood stove. I noticed this wonderful red plaid jacket in the closet and asked whose it was. He said he doesn’t remember who had it originally, but it was his now and he’d had it about…

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Bringing Back the Filson Forestry Cruiser

Posted August 21, 2012
· Filed In: Happenings

An oldie, but a goodie. That’s just what Filson’s Forestry Cruiser is. The initial iteration of the Forestry Cruiser, originally dubbed the “Woolen Cruising Coat,” first appeared in our 1922 catalog with the option to order the style in Forestry Cloth. Forestry Cloth, a woolen of rare quality, was originally developed for use by the U.S. Forest Service.  The material…

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GUEST BLOG: Getting Started with Urban Chickens By Dennis Lynch

Posted August 20, 2012
· Filed In: Happenings

  Dennis Lynch has been around the outdoors his entire life and understands what a “good time” entails. But in this addition to Filson Life, Dennis explains why starting an urban chicken coop isn’t always a “good time” but fruitful in the end. Our family voted “not unanimously” to look into getting some chickens for home egg production and/or entertainment.  We soon…

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10 Shooting Tips for Waterfowl

Posted August 17, 2012
· Filed In: Shooting

1. Practice As the saying goes, practice makes perfect. Above all other tips, just get out and shoot in the pre-season. Find a clay skeet shooting range and go after shots you might see while on the pond (crossing, incoming, etc.). Ask an instructor at the range for advice or take a lesson. Begin on a less challenging station until…

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Filson in the Field: Bob’s Sustainable Ranching in Wyoming Story

Posted August 16, 2012
· Filed In: Conservation, Happenings, In the Field, Ranching

Bob’s Sustainable Ranching Story – Filson in the Field Video, Wyoming from Filson on Vimeo. Bob Taylor, with the help of his wife Maggie and their daughter, Marisa, raise organic, grass fed, Black Angus beef cattle on Lonetree Ranch in Lonetree, Wyoming. An accomplished veterinarian (and one time host and focus of Animal Planet’s Emergency Vet), Bob spends about 365…

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