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Bringing Back the Filson Forestry Cruiser

Posted August 21, 2012
· Filed In: Happenings

An oldie, but a goodie. That’s just what Filson’s Forestry Cruiser is. The initial iteration of the Forestry Cruiser, originally dubbed the “Woolen Cruising Coat,” first appeared in our 1922 catalog with the option to order the style in Forestry Cloth. Forestry Cloth, a woolen of rare quality, was originally developed for use by the U.S. Forest Service.  The material…

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GUEST BLOG: Getting Started with Urban Chickens By Dennis Lynch

Posted August 20, 2012
· Filed In: Happenings

  Dennis Lynch has been around the outdoors his entire life and understands what a “good time” entails. But in this addition to Filson Life, Dennis explains why starting an urban chicken coop isn’t always a “good time” but fruitful in the end. Our family voted “not unanimously” to look into getting some chickens for home egg production and/or entertainment.  We soon…

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10 Shooting Tips for Waterfowl

Posted August 17, 2012
· Filed In: Shooting

1. Practice As the saying goes, practice makes perfect. Above all other tips, just get out and shoot in the pre-season. Find a clay skeet shooting range and go after shots you might see while on the pond (crossing, incoming, etc.). Ask an instructor at the range for advice or take a lesson. Begin on a less challenging station until…

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Filson in the Field: Bob’s Sustainable Ranching in Wyoming Story

Posted August 16, 2012
· Filed In: Conservation, Happenings, In the Field, Ranching

Bob’s Sustainable Ranching Story – Filson in the Field Video, Wyoming from Filson on Vimeo. Bob Taylor, with the help of his wife Maggie and their daughter, Marisa, raise organic, grass fed, Black Angus beef cattle on Lonetree Ranch in Lonetree, Wyoming. An accomplished veterinarian (and one time host and focus of Animal Planet’s Emergency Vet), Bob spends about 365…

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MACKINAW MEMORIES: Why didn’t I know about Filson years ago!? By Franz Fruehwald

Posted August 16, 2012
· Filed In: Mackinaw Memories

I confess that I only discovered Filson a few years ago. I mentioned to an avid outdoorsman friend of mine that I was in the market for a good quality winter coat. I explained that I wanted a wool coat that would hold up to the elements, one that could transition from the woods to the office, and finally, one…

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MACKINAW MEMORIES: A Sturdy Companion By Thom Thacker

Posted August 15, 2012
· Filed In: Mackinaw Memories

I was 17 years old when I bought my red/black Mackinaw Cruiser at the Portland Outdoor Store in 1973. I had just moved to Portland, and the coat served me well that year. Through numerous trips in the woods and on city streets, the Mackinaw would soak up all the rain and still keep me warm and dry. The coat…

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MACKINAW MEMORIES: You MIght as Well Give the Best…. By Ralph D. Larovere

Posted August 14, 2012
· Filed In: Mackinaw Memories

From the woods of the Adirondack Mountains to the cosmopolitan streets of Manhattan, my Mackinaw served me well and kept me warm. While others chose noisy, temperamental, synthetic fabrics I sported my Mackinaw made from comfortable and reliable wool. During the week my Mackinaw set me apart from the pack, kept me warm and provided some unique pockets for carrying…

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GUEST BLOG: Whid Isle Brittany Club: AKC Hunt Test 7/21/12 and 7/22/12 By Kevin McDonnell

Posted August 13, 2012
· Filed In: Hunting

Kevin McDonnell is the President, Whid Isle Brittany Club, WA and is no stranger to hunting with dogs. This time he shares his insight on The Whid Isle Brittany Club AKC Hunt Test 7/21/12 and 7/22/12 and everything that it involves. This July, the Whid Isle Brittany Club held its 3rd annual Hunt Test in Fall City, a farming town just…

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Top Five Mobile Apps for the Outdoorsman

Posted August 10, 2012
· Filed In: Happenings

Primos Hunting Calls We have to agree with the ratings on the best-selling hunting app of all time. Primos Hunting Calls attracts prey with a variety of over twenty remarkably natural calls. Improve your ability to lure in turkey, elk, deer, duck, hogs, and more. Use tried-and-true favorites of the hunting professionals at Primos like “The Gobbler” and the “Heart…

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MACKINAW MEMORIES: The Ultimate Evolution of Outerwear by William Ziegler

Posted August 8, 2012
· Filed In: Mackinaw Memories

My Filson Mackinaw story begins long ago…in the winter of 2012. I am a self-affirmed outerwear aficionado. I own high-tech down jackets and waterproof parkas. I own motorcycle jackets. Classic black pea coats. A shearling car coat. A wool greatcoat. And on and on. My wife has to remind me to buy socks and periodically “misplaces” my rattiest t-shirts, but…

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