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Travel Upstate New York with Brian Merriam, Part 2

September 10, 2013
Filed in: Depth In The Field, Travel, Way of Life

86430006Brian Merriam is an artist and musician, currently devoting the majority of his time to film photography. Originally from upstate New York, he has resided in Brooklyn for the last 8 years. As the Summer ends, Brian heads to Upstate New York for a final sendoff. Read the first installment of this series here.

It’s summer time on the longest road in the US.

The rolling hills are covered in a quilt of alternating patches, dark green forest, bright green corn, pastel wildflowers. Small bodies of water and the occasional rural graveyard punctuate the landscape. US Rte. 20 runs coast to coast, from Boston, MA to Newport, OR, but the stretch we’re covering today runs through the heart of Upstate New York.

We’re headed down into the Mohawk Valley, to watch some old friends tie the knot on the farm. Vows will be exchanged, ropes will be climbed, BBQ will be served buffet style in a barn. Bonfires will be lit, lanterns will float away into the night, and after waking in a tent to the sound of rooster crowing, a morning game of baseball will played to get the blood flowing again. In the days to follow, we’ll search out waterfalls and swimming holes near the Finger Lakes, and bounce along dirt roads in the rain only to end up at a field of sunflowers.

But for now, that’s all in the future. I’m content cruising through this short stretch of America on the Longest Road in the USA.8635001486350016863500228636001786370020864100038641001286410021864100228641002886420035864400078644001286440019


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