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Making the AKC Hunt Test Look Easy with Kevin McDonnell

September 30, 2013
Filed in: Events, Hunting, Sporting

Jim Caleb IsaiahKevin McDonnell is the President of Whid Isle Brittany Club, WA and is no stranger to hunting with dogs. Last month his club held it’s 4th annual AKC Hunt Test in Fall City. During the competition two teenage boys with boundless enthusiasm made the test look easy.

Our AKC club held its 4th annual Hunt test this year in Fall City, WA.  If you’re not familiar with Hunt Test, they are noncompetitive events, that a participant and dog is judged against a standard not against each other.  The basic premise is that you and your dog are judged as a team, not just how well the dog behaves.    Many participants use the off season to work with their dogs, to keep them in good shape for the upcoming hunting season.This year two teenage boys were sponsored by Pro trainer Jim Cochran.  Jim donated his time, experience and training with Isaiah and Caleb McKinney of Redmond, WA.

Both teenage boys had young dogs and wanted to compete with their dogs in the AKC Hunt Test.  The older brother Isaiah and his Liver and White Brittany, Crocket, managed to pass his first 4 Hunt Test earning his Junior Hunter title in his first season.  His younger brother Caleb and his orange and white Brittany Dusty, finished his Junior Hunter title in our event in 4 out of 5 tries.  Both boys should be proud of their accomplishments!Janet and HuckCaleb and his older brother Isaiah, planted birds for three different Hunt Test events, and wanted to do more.  They, being the younger boys had boundless energy and enthusiasm.  When the other clubs heard that we had some young boys wanting to compete this summer, they also agreed to help sponsor them through the summer.  The Whid Isle Brittany Club and the Washington Brittany club as well as the German Shorthair Pointer Club of WA all wanted to play a role in the boy’s success.


Caleb pictured with Hunt Test Judge Heinz Alhman and Laura Myles.

While everyone thinks of Seattle area as a rainy place to live it was anything but rainy for our Hunt Test.  We had temperatures in the low 80’s which is considered “hot” for this part of the country.  Luckily, the mornings were mostly overcast, which lead to cooler climates which most hunting dogs prefer.

At the end of the event, we had lots of happy dogs and owners.



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