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MACKINAW MEMORIES: Tradition-Comfort-Quality By Craig Prether

Posted September 13, 2012
· Filed In: Mackinaw Memories

If you love nature, the outdoors, frosty mornings or cool evenings then you will love Filson. If you hunted with dad or grandpa or read about the hunts of the past then you experienced the comfort simplicity and tradition of wool. You saw the red/black wool coat the first morning of the hunt, or worn around the evening campfire. If…

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MACKINAW MEMORIES: Must be hunting season! By Chester J. O’Neill

Posted September 12, 2012
· Filed In: Mackinaw Memories

I am not going to tell you a story. I am going to tell you the truth, I love that Mackinaw Cruiser. I grew up in the 60s and it seemed that everybody owned one of those plaid beauties. I think I just had a Norman Rockwell moment. When you see that coat you can’t help but to think of…

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MACKINAW MEMORIES: Cold Feet by Eric Rottner

Posted September 11, 2012
· Filed In: Mackinaw Memories

A couple of years ago my uncle and I went camping in Upstate New York. It was mid-January and the temperature was in the teens. On the first night I was drinking hot chocolate and spilled it all over my jacket. Within a moment’s notice, my uncle came back from his car with his old Mackinaw Cruiser. He said he…

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GUEST BLOG: Bird Watching in Filson’s Travel Vest By John E. Riutta of The Well-Read Naturalist

Posted September 10, 2012
· Filed In: Happenings

John E. Riutta was formerly head of binocular and spotting scope development for Leupold & Stevens, Inc. He now publishes The Well-read Naturalist, writes extensively for bird watching and other outdoor publications, and of course, travels in search of birds yet unseen. Back in the days when a traveler might recount tales not only of adventures had at the journey’s destination…

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Made in America: Filson’s VP of Marketing, Harold Egler

Posted September 7, 2012
· Filed In: Made in USA: Filson Employees

At Filson, “Might as Well Have the Best” doesn’t stop at the product– we’ve got the most talented team of employees around that live and breathe  Filson in and out of the offices. First up, our VP of Marketing, Harold Egler. If there’s a department you’d like to see interviewed, leave us a comment below! How long have you been…

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MACKINAW MEMORIES: The Wood Chipper By Al Asmus

Posted September 6, 2012
· Filed In: Mackinaw Memories

A number of years ago I bought a Mackinaw Cruiser in Duluth, Minnesota on the way to a vacation on the North Shore. It turned out to be my “go to” jacket for most activities in late fall and winter. I had it broken in and feeling just right. Fast forward a few years and one of my sons was…

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MACKINAW MEMORIES: I am still alive by Michael C Boggs

Posted September 5, 2012
· Filed In: Mackinaw Memories

My valet and I were hunting wild horned rabbits in the Klondike back during the blizzard of’ ’86. Man it was cold. Did you ask how cold it was? It was so cold that my scotch whiskey was frozen like ice cubes and I kept them in my pockets. I was wearing a Sears hooded jersey sweatshirt with attached mittens…

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MACKINAW MEMORIES: Christmas Tree Hunting By Wayne Sperry

Posted September 4, 2012
· Filed In: Mackinaw Memories

My son is the proud owner of a Filson Mackinaw but lives in sunny California where Mackinaw wearing is a bit of an overkill. A couple of Christmases ago he came to visit me in Vermont. With delight he donned his Mackinaw to guard against the frosty Vermont cold (where we have 10 months of winter and a couple of…

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