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Made in America: Filson’s VP of Marketing, Harold Egler

September 7, 2012
Filed in: Made in USA: Filson Employees

At Filson, “Might as Well Have the Best” doesn’t stop at the product– we’ve got the most talented team of employees around that live and breathe  Filson in and out of the offices. First up, our VP of Marketing, Harold Egler. If there’s a department you’d like to see interviewed, leave us a comment below!

Harold Egler,Filson VP of Marketing

Harold Egler, Filson VP of Marketing

How long have you been with Filson?

I have been an employee for 4 years, but I have been a Filson customer since the 80’s when I moved to Seattle from the mid-West.   When I first visited a Filson store, I thought I died and went to heaven.  Finally, I found a company that produced products for my lifestyle and they were totally unique.   The more I researched the company, the more I learned about its rich past and heritage.  As I discovered more products and began using them, I realized what true quality was.  I will always be a Filson customer.

What do you do on a typical work day?

I work with all things marketing – the look and feel of the brand, the cadence of our customer communication, and with our Customer Care team.  I love what I do because every day is different around here.

What makes working at Filson different than other places?

Filson is a company that suits my lifestyle and my belief system – I like and use what we produce. I think I understand our customers and what makes them excited, and I take great pride in our product quality and our heritage.  Filson is also the smallest company I have worked for and I love the diversity it requires in what I do each and every day.

What is one of your most memorable stories in your Filson gear?

I have a 120 foot long Laurel hedge that is almost 20 feet high.  In the summer it grows a foot a day (OK, so I might be exaggerating a bit, but it is a chore to keep under control.) My favorite memory in Filson gear is the year I tackled the hedge in my Filson  single tin pants.  I felt like superman – no fear from my industrial hedge trimmer, no nasty scraps or gouges from the unruly branches.  I singlehandedly cut the entire hedge in one day.  I almost died, but I did it thanks to my ‘coat of armor’ !  I still use the tin pants for this semi-annual chore, but I pace myself secure in the knowledge that these pants are tougher than that hedge.

What’s your favorite thing to do in Seattle or the Pacific Northwest region?

I am an avid steelhead fisherman – I do a lot more fishing than catching, but the scenery, the sounds, and smells are amazing.  It is my Zen pursuit.

What’s coming up at Filson that you’re most excited about?

We are re-doing our fishing line in Spring 2013 – I cannot wait!

Now the hard stuff. What is your favorite product?

Tough question!  I would have to say that I love our Mackinaw Cruiser.  It is a real workhorse and still unique after being patented almost 100 years ago.  I am a big fan of our #257 briefcase (I’ve owned one for 20 years and it looks better today than it did when I bought it).  I love our tin packer hat, but don’t wear them that often

Anything additional you want to add before we sign off?

Wanna make someone happy?  Give them a Filson gift.  You’ll see firsthand why our customers love us.

Thanks, Harry!

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